Thursday, July 24, 2008

stuck and steaming!!!!

Last Friday afternoon, we got a horrible thunderstorm up in Acton and naturally, it also thundered it's way thru York. It was pretty scary and I almost joined Camille under the table. But it passed and life went on.

Saturday, I got a call from a friend, telling me that she had tried to call the house and got a busy signal, and then when she tried later.. got a recording that the phone had been disconnected. I called home and got the same thing..... so, I asked Sadie to drop in and see if the cats had knocked the phone off the hook... no, everything was in place. Since there wasn't anything I could do until we got back to York, I just enjoyed the time at camp and waited until we returned.

Sure enough, on Monday... the phone was not working... we have the "all in package" and the TV and computer were OK, but no phone... I called the cable company. They told me that there was a problem (oh goody) and that they would be as soon as they could.. but with the storms, they were way behind in their service calls. Well, such is life, they can't control the weather, and we do have cell phones, so, all I could do was wait. Tuesday.. no tech... OK, they must be really busy.... Wednesday... no tech... (deep breath)... and call again... Yes, they know I don't have a phone, they have me on the list, they can't say when the tech will come... AND I just need to be at home and wait until they show up!!! by the end of the day, I am a bit annoyed.... I have things to do, and sitting around the house isn't on that list.... I called... "sorry they didn't make it out today... but probably by tomorrow".....

I call again today... I am not so nice now... (not mean, but just not as "sweet")... I tell them they MUST come today.. I am VERY unhappy, we have been without phone service since Saturday and this is IT.... waiting around all day means.. no walk with dogs and no RIDING LESSON!!!! this is beginning to interfere with my life. Now, I know it isn't a "life or death" situation, but the squeaky wheel gets the grease... and so I am squeaking!!!! On top of that, I am going to demand a break on my bill.....

boy, I'm getting tough in my old age~~~~~~