Saturday, August 22, 2009

28 on the 22nd....

Today, we celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary!!!! And I have to say, that I have no idea where the time has gone. We have had a wonderful and interesting life together and I only hope the Good Lord continues to bless our life and time together.

Last year, we were in the process of moving, this summer we are in the "little" camp.. and hopefully, next year, we will be long settled into our new house on the farm.

Kas made us this beautiful "upside down cake".. I said to everyone.. "28 years ago, we were cutting a wedding cake.. now we are cutting an upside down cake.. is there a story to this???" but, Kassy's cake was so yummy and we greatly enjoyed it....

It was so grand to have our little house filled with dear friends. Ed and I thought it would be fun to have folks over, rather than going out to eat or whatever. As always, the conversation was great fun, and we just enjoyed having everyone here. A rainy evening kept us mostly inside, but that's ok.. we can all squeeze in when we have to!!!! Our guests were... Dave and Deb,Kim, Kas and Nate (and doggies) Rick and Kelli, and Sadie. The evening went by way too quick.

After our "party" I ran down to the barn, and had all our company follow me... so there was lots of extra help with barn chores tonite!!! Thank you all for coming and sharing this special day with us!!!!

I had to pop in this picture of Trevor... our bedroom door was blocked, and I had taken his favorite ball and thrown it in the bedroom, because he was getting "growly" towards the other dogs about it. Nothing doing, Trev wanted his ball, so he climbed up the spiral stair way that we have, and could look into the bedroom and see his ball sitting on our bed. I think if he could have fit thru the rails, he would have jumped from the stairs to the bedroom, thank goodness he didn't fit. But, he knew just where his ball was, and was doing his best to figure out how to get it... silly dog!!!

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