Monday, March 05, 2007

work resumes

Now, that the holidays are well behind us, and we have Kass settled again and
sort of know what Nate will be up to over the next few months,
AND there hasn't been any major snowstorms that require time spent plowing, sanding, etc. etc...... it's time to get back to the work on the new sunroom that we began last fall!!!

Ed got all the sheet rock up and sanded, and the walls primed, so now it's my turn to pick out a color and get that paint up. I really don't enjoy picking paint, it is NEVER like the paint chips you get!!! I think I am pretty good with colors, mainly from my quilting experience, but when picking material its so very different than when picking paint.

I wanted to go with a green, thinking "sun porch, relaxing, outdoor like" and I had in mind a "sage" or a "moss"... I got "celery"... which will be OK, just not exactly what I was going for.
For the bottom of the
walls, we're going to put up "bead board" (again
thinking along the porch idea) and that is going to
be just white!!! The windows will be trimmed in the same white.. I think. Sort of will know more about that the closer we get to it.

And the ceiling is wood. A nice natural pine and will have a fan in it as well, which should make for a nice cool spot on those hot summer evenings!!!

I know these pictures show Ed doing all the work, but that's because I am the photographer!! I did do some of the work!!! As did Kas, Sadie and Josh.... putting that ceiling up takes a certain amount of hands!!!! Two or three to hold, while Ed does the nailing!!!

Actually I wasn't a huge help this weekend, as I am currently feeling next to horrid!!! Remember that cold my little niece had last weekend... well, it's mine now!!! and it's a "gooden". I would run out and help hold the boards, and then crash back in my chair until Ed and crew were ready to hang another... but, we got all the board up that were ready to go... so we did make some progress!!!! and it's coming along well.

by the time the good weather comes, it will be in good use... and I can't wait.....