Thursday, December 31, 2015

goodbye 15

It's a known secret in my family.. that I absolutely do not like New Year's Eve... ever since I was little.. it always was the mark  of the end of the holiday season. And even to this day... it still feels that way to me.  So, to balance all of that.. we have been hosting an Open house on New Years day.. sort of one last little hooray before it all goes.  Since we lucked up with a bit of snow for the New year.. it would seem that we will be able to offer some sleigh rides tomorrow when people come. 
The little sleigh needed some slight repairs after sitting all summer... so Ed got those done. Abi has come to spend the night with us, and she was a big help to Papa with the sleigh. I though it would be best to make sure it was pulling well.. and to break a little path so Duke won't have to work so hard... and this was the answer Papa and Abi came up with. 
I don't  know.. do you call this a one "deere" open sleigh???? Either way they thought it was a pretty good idea, and Abi got to say that she had the first sleigh ride of the season!!!!
Tomorrow the weather is suppose to be fine.. not too cold... and we're expecting a number of family and friends.... 

so, it saying goodbye to 15..... thanking the Lord for the blessings He has given to us over the past year.. and looking forward to the year ahead..

I am thinking of family, friends, parties and sleigh rides....