Thursday, August 06, 2009

so.... I got caught!!!

Today was the day that Ed had the "blasting" done on his kidney stones. We were at the hospital bright and early this morning, and we were back home around mid day. The proceedure went well, and "we" just have to wait now and see how well the stone was broken up. The doctor seemed confident with it, but there is a bit of a "grey" area when it comes to getting these stones broken up into passable pieces.

When I got in last night from dog classes (and playing around at the barn for a little bit) it was fairly late. I quickly listened to the messages on the phone, one being from our dear friend Rick. Basically Rick wanted to wish Ed good luck and I heard something about "Letting him know how it went", and then ....honestly.... I deleted the message, telling myself that I would call Rick when we got home, and went onto the next message.

So, this afternoon, once we got back home and Ed got settled, he fell asleep. He was a bit sore and still tired from the day, and after he fell asleep, I went down to visit with a couple of our camp neighbors. When I got back, Ed was just waking up and was starting to feel hungry. It wasn't quite supper time, but I thought I would get something made for him (and Sadie) and then run down to the barn and do chores and just play around with the horses for a while.

I thought that maybe spaghetti would be a good supper, I grabbed the box, and (unknown to me) it was already open, most of the spaghetti spilled all over the kitchen floor. Great.. nice mess to clean up and it meant that there wouldn't be enough for the three of us. OK, plan two... maybe "sloppy joes".... I began to brown up the hamburger, and don't know exactly what I did, but a huge "chunk" of it, "hopped" out of the pan and landed on the kitchen floor... much to the delight of the cockers. I turned to Ed and Sadie and said ..."I give up".. and then the phone began to ring.

Sadie answered the phone, and it was Rick... checking up on Ed and then making sure we were home.... he said that he and Kelli would be here in about an hour with our supper.... our supper????I got on the phone... "supper?" I asked Rick... "ya... didn't you get my message last night".. I said sure,but that I didn't call him because it was so late. And he said, "well Kelli has supper all made for you folks and we're bringing it up"...

Then it dawned on me... maybe I should have listened to the whole message that Rick left. I couldn't bear to tell him that I had actually deleted his message before I even really listened to it all.... but either way, supper was on it's way.

When Kelli and Rick arrived, he looked right at me, and said ... "you didn't' listen to all of my message last night..did you?"... well, no way could I lie and had to admit that he was exactly right...
sorry Rick!!!! I got caught !!!!!but, we were so surprised and pleased to have them come, and convinced them to stay and enjoy some of that very yummy supper with us, and have a visit!!

We had such a nice evening together... Kelli's supper was AMAZING... including dessert, and we just had such a good time talking about all sorts of things... it was nice for Ed to be able to relax and enjoy such a nice visit after this extremely long week.

With any luck.. Ed is now on the mend, and perhaps this event of stones can be behind him. and even though we already knew it.... we know it even more... what wonderful friends we have!!! and many thanks to the rest of our family and friends who have called and have been very concerned for us during all of this!!! We certainly appreciate all of you....

thank you again Kelli.... it was so. GOOD!!!!!