Thursday, October 27, 2011

first snow.............

7:30 at night.. a little girl should be putting on pj's NOT boots. What??? well, for one thing, tonite "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" is on, and Abbie just HAS to watch that...

but heading out the door???? What is outside that would cause us to head out with Abbie???

How about the first snow of the season!!! It's really way too early for snow, even in New England.. but since it's here....

and Abbie really doesn't remember it from last year... it's time to celebrate!!!

It took some doing to get Abbie in from playing in the snow. She loves to be outside anyways.. but to go in the dark and when it's snowing.... made it double hard. However promise of the Great Pumpkin helped (even though she didn't know about that either)

She watched most of the show, I thought it was a riot to see her sitting on her birthday bike and watching the show. And just for the record, yes, she can ride that bike and the house has become a raceway!!!!

As we headed to bed, this is what is was like outside. We're sure to end up with at least a couple of inches.

Friday morning I had to work at the post, so I was up just before the sun. I must admit (and I still say it's too early - for snow)... the farm looked beautiful in it's new winter coat.

The view from the kitchen window... this will be common place before too long, but right now... it's all brand new!!!

OH... and for the record.. today is my Dad's birthday... so Happy, Happy to Dad!!!!


Hey, wait a minute... this isn't Ginger?? What's going on here?? Well, actually Ginger is away on a puppy swap... I know, I only have a limited time with her and she is away!!! But, talking with Dave last Monday, and realizing she has some transitioning to do heading to "college"... we (Dave and I) thought that one more puppy swap might be a good idea for her. So, when we got home, Rick took Ginger with him and I got to have Otis. And since brother Edgar is still with us, not only was this a good puppy swap for Ginger... but for Otis as well.

Ed was in need of some new jeans, and I have been looking for some "winter type clogs".. so, we took an afternoon to do some shopping and brought Otis along. He was very good in the store, got lots of compliments and put in some work time. In the shoe department, I tried to put him under one of the small stools you sit on...

He tried to go, but we soon realized, he really was a little on the big side. Either way, he laid quietly and allowed me to shop for shoes... which I did find the perfect pair.

The store -- Cabala's... Otis had to pose with the moose!!!!

Shopping, it seems - is hard work. At least Otis thinks so and snored the whole way home. And Ginger.. well, after a few days with Rick, she is moving in with Linda -- because Linda really wanted her one more time, and a second transition will add to her training...

but we sure are missing her here!!!!