Wednesday, May 05, 2010

a good night message....

OHH.. this is what technology will do these days. My hubby is on the night shift and he sent me this picture and a little good night note!!! I will miss him tonight.. guess the cockers will have to fill up the other side of the bed!!!
I love you too honey!!!!

where are the blogs?

I know.. it's the fifth of the month and this is the first blog!!??? Well, couple of things have been going on.. first we have been super, crazy busy with the house. This is our "last" month here, come June, we need to be "some where" else, and I so hope that means the farm house and not back to the little camp!!! Some days, I feel that we are very close to the finish and other days.. well.. let's not go there!!! THEN my camera decided NOT to talk to my computer.. so.. no pictures being transferred. I think there might be something wrong with the cable, I tried buying a new cable but that isn't working either. I was getting rather discouraged, until I discovered that Sadie's camera and mine take the same picture card... solution!!!... put my card in Sadie's camera and transfer photos. AAHHH, back in business picture wise, I just now need to figure out what to do about mine.

We had a fun weekend. Saturday night, we went to Deb's and Dave's for our first official cookout of the summer. It was a wonderful warm night, and cooking on the grill, good conversation around the picnic table and great "summer" food was a real joy to be sure.

But Deb also had some other "surprises" to share.. her kitty Peaches, is a new mom to two beautiful kittens. Two little yellow kitties to be exact. They were nine days old and their eyes had just opened.

Both kitties already have homes... one is going to Kassy and the other to Lauren.. so they are staying right in the family. Kas has named her kitty Lucy and Lauren is still thinking of a name. ( now here's the question... who will get to their new home first... the little kitty - in about six weeks - or us.... It better be us!!!!)

Just as cute as they can be!!!!

After our cookout and kitty visit, we all headed over to Memories for our first ice cream run of the summer... well first for us ... everyone else had already made a run or two. When I saw their board "Memories Specials".. we just had to get a picture of Abbie!!! She could either be the "flavor of the month" or the "Sundae of the month"... they both work!!!

People, dogs and babies... that's a ice cream run!!!!

Course you know that Chester and Camille were part of the group!!!!

And if Saturday weren't "fun enough".. we met up with Kelli (and Rick) Sunday evening to celebrate Kelli's birthday!!!! We had a very nice meal at a local restaurant, shared some gifts.... and a cake. Happy Birthday dear friend!!!! We had a great time being with you.

On Monday, Ed was up bright and early and heading out the door to go to work!!! Yup, a job!!! It's only temporary but it's kind of cool. He is part of a safety team at the MERC plant. What's that??? Well, the MERC plant is a place that burns trash and makes it into electricity. Twice a year they do a shut down to go thru the plant and check for safety measures, repairs and clean up, and when they do, they need folks that will come in and supervise/safety check the crews doing the work. Ed put his name in and was hired on for four shifts!!! (all 12 hour shifts).. so he got two day and two nights of work. That left me with house projects, but there are plenty that I can do on my own... so I continued at the house while my dear hubby brings home the "bacon".

We officially have a creepy crawler in the house. Abbie is very close to being on the move under her own power!!! The dogs are kind of funny about that, because I think they are surprised to see she can move from one place to another!!! I feel so blessed that they are all very good with her and we don't have any worries about them being all together.

so, that should bring you all up to date on the latest. And if any of you are bored out there in blogger land and need something to fill your time... I got some ideas!!!!