Saturday, December 01, 2007

It's begun...

It seems like this year, there are alot of changes... well, I know there is.. but it's strange where I notice them the most. One would be the decorating for Christmas this year. I find myself doing it in small bits, taking my time, and really enjoying it. Not having little ones around to "rush me", I am definitely slower and planning more. When the kids were little, they were always in such a hurry to get it done.. maybe they thought the sooner we decorated, the sooner Christmas would get here, but either way, it's a much slower pace.

We'll be having two trees this year, one is up already. Kay had collected over the years, 64 gold ornaments from the Danbury mint (these are real gold!!!) I remember her having them on her tree, but the last couple of years she didn't bother with them. One afternoon as we were going thru some things at her house, I came across the ornaments. I told Ed it was a shame to have them in boxes and not being used, so after checking with brother Bill, it was decided that I could have them (someday they will be divided between Kas and Sadie). Because there are so many and my tree is always so full with my ornaments, I told Ed I would like to have a tree just with these gold ones. And since I didn't want to worry about keeping two live trees, we decided to go with a "fake" one for the gold ornaments. We set it up on the new sunroom and it's just perfect. at night they catch the white lights of the tree and during the day, make all sorts of rainbows around the room with the sunlight. I will always think of this as "Kay's tree" and will enjoy it for many years I am sure. One day next week, Ed and I will go and pick a live tree, and that will go up in the living room with all the "family ornaments".... pretty special to be able to host two trees at Christmas!!!!

We had to get the outside work done next.... they're talking a possibility of "real snow" for the first of the week, AND.... I wanted to have it all done in time for the Christmas parade (read next blog). The parade lines up on our street and goes up thru the center of the town, SO... I had to have the house looking it's best for those parade folks!!!If all goes according to plan, next year this will be Kassy and Nate's project of decorating... I don't know if they will have the same taste that I do, but I am happy at the way the little house looks in it's Christmas best. NOW... if we can only have a little snow (and hope it keeps for Christmas) it will be just right!!!!