Saturday, February 26, 2011

winter evening

"Winter, are you back again? We all thought the groundhog said you were leaving.... guess the groundhog didn't know what he was talking about"... and so, this was the view this morning... howling winds, snow... cold.... spring isn't looking very close. Thursday night's forecast was 2-4 inches, and in the morning it was more like 10-12... ugh!!! I will certainly enjoy seeing the field green again, and watching the horses venture out more than just a few feet from the barn!!!!

All in all, it was a good day for "inside" projects, Ed is finishing up the final touches on the new pantry shelves and I am getting into paint mode. The shelves will be the same red as the lower cabinets. I am trying to organize this space in my head while getting it ready. I'm pretty excited about all this space and I'll even be able to finish unpacking some boxes in the basement that contain "kitchen things"... Abbie, by the way, supervised it all.

Despite the weather, we headed down to the hometown for an evening with the family. My brother in law - Ed - makes the most amazing home made pizza and fried dough!!! I had been hoping to get the family here for a pizza night, but with our heavy snow and icy conditions (that they don't get on the coast).. I haven't felt "safe" asking everyone. Doesn't matter, it's just getting together that is fun, and so we went to my parents house.

Here are my folks, brother in law Ed and my sister Becky... the pizza was just grand, and so good with all kinds of fresh items on it!!!! We're definitely going to have to do this again!!!!

The entertainment of the evening.... old slides!!! My sister Becky, especially loves to have my Dad pull these out and we have an evening of laughter. My Dad has taken such good care of all his slide equipment, and it works like a charm . Some different from all the digital stuff we have today, but at one time... all this was the "latest"....

The three cousins always seem to have a good time together. Kelsey is so wonderful with the little ones, and they truly adore her. Naomi is getting used to the idea of Abbie.. hard to share the spotlight sometimes!!!! It was such a fun evening, and we are so blessed to live close to each other and be able to do this sort of thing at anytime....

and just to give you an idea of how "old" the slides were (are)..... well, a picture with worth a thousand words!!!!