Thursday, August 20, 2009

it's happening!!!!

At last!!!the part that I have been waiting for..... pieces of vinyl siding are going up!!!! the garage/barn is first.. and then onto the house... now big changes will really show up!!!!
Ken starts the first piece, once that is leveled and nailed in place, the rest goes fairly quick....

the garage is being done in barn red, as we want it to have the appearance of a barn that is attached to the house, the house will be in a beige/tan/grayish color... you'll see in a couple of days!!!!!

waited all winter!!!!!

After looking at the "great white tundra" all winter... this is what I have been waiting to see!!!

a summer Sunday

As previously reported, summer has finally arrived. Now, I am not really a "hot weather person", but I have to admit, these temps have been very enjoyable, and for the (roughly) five weeks of "summer weather" we have left, I will certainly enjoy it. We really did get "jipped" in the summer weather this year.

All "summer" Kas and Nate have been trying to get Banjo to swim. You can tell that he really wants to do this, but his puppy, awkward body just doesn't seem to co-operate at times. And then when he gets discouraged, and the weather is cool.. it's been just as easy "not to try". But Sunday was the best summer day yet, and so the kids decided to change plans and bring the dogs to the lake.

This was just the break that Banjo needed, he really (really) wanted to get into the water, and after a few different tries, it was like "he got it" and began to swim strong and fast like a good Chessie should!!! Course, now the trouble is... getting him out of the water when they needed him to!!! (by the way.. our lake is NOT this "brown".. Banjo had been pulling up reeds and digging around in the water!!!!)

Charlie has always been a great swimming dog, and I think he was a little upset to see now that his "younger brother" can join him in the water!!!! Banjo is faster than Charlie, so he easily kept up with Nate while the swam... poor Charlie had to "work" to keep up with them.

All our dogs swim, but Camille isn't crazy about it, and only goes in if it's very hot, or she needs to keep up with me... Hunter swims only to get sticks, and Tatter only to be with Sadie. But Trevor, Tazzy and Cole like to swim just for fun.

One thing you can't do is keep a dry towel on the dock. Guaranteed that a dog or two will be more than happy to use it for themselves!!!!

After several hours of swimming, Trevor decided to play "life guard" instead, and kept an eye on Ed and Nate while they had a "people only swim"....

It was simply a gorgeous afternoon, and I feel so blessed to not only have such a beautiful place to be, but to have family come and enjoy it with us.

Later that day we went down to Portsmouth to Prescott Park and watch the summer play. This year's play is Grease, and since it only has one more week to run, we needed to get there or miss out.

These plays are very good, and the fact that they are free (well donation is appreciated) to the public is a neat thing. The park is beautiful and you can bring a picnic supper and enjoy the river as well. We got there quite early, so we had a really nice place to sit, and saw some friends that we hadn't seen in a while. It was a bit cooler by the river, and the performance was very good.

Sadly the winter winds will be blowing once again, so, you have to just enjoy each day and try to fill it with as much fun as possible.