Saturday, March 31, 2007


This is not the first time, that I have found my projects in places that I did not leave them in!!
Fortunately, I always put the "important" stuff in a safe place (mostly) because between a certain little black spaniel (Trevor) and another lighter colored gremlin..... I have learned that if it's out there.... it's fair game.

So, this am... look what I found... wrapped around the chair and "no one" in sight.

I went and made my coffee and returned to find this...... CAUGHT red handed... or red pawed... which ever is the proper term for it!!!!

Course the moment she spotted me... well, that was different, and she walked away with an obvious.... "it wasn't me you saw" attitude!!!

Hate to tell her, but... I know what I know.. and I have lost too many items to four footed creatures!!
Oh well, let her think what she will....

I do know better!!!!!