Friday, October 03, 2008

ok rain.....

Ok rain.. you can go "home now".... another day of off and on showers. Ken and Eric are in the process of opening up the bundles of timbers and trying to get them ready so they can stain them and prepare them for assembly. They would get a group opened up, laid out and here comes another shower!!!! Ugh!!!

But, it seemed like the cellar was staying pretty dry, so, they decided to move the timbers "in" and work where they had a better chance of staying out of the rain.

The timbers are so pretty.... I can't wait to see a few done, and even more excited to see some up and in place. IF the weather will co-operate, they hope to have some ready next week. I hope so, because I have had this "brilliant" idea of having an "open house" next Sunday, and have invited a huge number of friends and family to come and see the "farm" and (hopefully) some timbers standing!!!!

I also had it in my mind, that rain or shine, Tonka was going into harness today!!! We have skipped out on too many days, and I don't want to "get behind" with him. So, I harnessed him up and out we went. As you can see, we got a peek of sun, which made the afternoon very pleasant.... and even though Tonka and I were walking in a very sloppy field... it was great fun. He's doing well... now, I just need to get my confidence up and pull that cart out!!!! I am comfortable ground driving, but the cart adds another element in my mind... and I "just got to do it!!!"

sneak preview....

Off and on all week, it has been rainy. This is a bit discouraging because the builders can't work as fast as they would like, and it seems like whenever I want to get Tonka into harness... the sky opens and the rain pours down. Yesterday afternoon, just when it looked like we might have a little break, a big black cloud appeared and I didn't even bother to take out the harness. However, look at the treasure we got instead.... a beautiful full rainbow over the field. Sadly, this picture really doesn't do justice for it's beauty... but I tried just the same.

Ken and Eric worked thru the rain showers as best they could, and by the end of the day... they had the foundation decked over. Ed couldn't resist taking a little stroll around the "house".. and here he stands in our new entry way!!!

And this is the view of the field that we will have from our front door!!!

Earlier this week, Mary had asked if I would like to come and see the puppies, and if I would be able to help her trim their nails. (they are very strong and wiggly, so it takes more than one set of hands to do nail trimming!!!!) I said I would love to come, and could Kas and Nate come and see their new baby. Mary was happy to have them come, so we snuck over last night!!!!

Even though I know puppies grow at an amazing rate, I can't believe how much these guys have changed in the two weeks since they were born. They are very strong, and they might be little, but, when you hold them, you really have to hang on!!! They have their eyes open now, and are beginning to walk.... and Rosie has been the most wonderful Mom!!! She was very patient with us standing around her box... she accepted the fact that Mary would pick the puppies up and hand them to us. She accepted the pats and compliments we gave to her... so, when it was time to trim nails, I thought I would just step into the box with Mary and the puppies and do them there. Well, that was the point where Rosie put her foot down... with a very gentle... but SERIOUS growl and direct eye contact, she told me in no uncertain terms, that I had crossed the line. I quickly respected her wishes, and backed off, and she calmly laid down with her babies, happy that I had gotten her message. So, we trimmed nails in the kitchen, Mary brought out one baby at a time, we did the nails and returned them to Mom.... who was happy with this arrangement. She is really such a wonderful girl, and if Kas and Nate's baby takes on after his Mama... they have got themselves a real prize for sure!!!!!