Friday, December 09, 2011

THE tree

The time has come, it's Christmas tree finding time, and Ed and I headed out to find this year's perfect tree. We have a few Christmas tree farms very close by, so it's just a matter of picking which one to go to. We decided to go back to the farm that we went to last year, we found a beautiful tree last year and knew would we again this year. We were trying to find a time that Sadie and Abbie could go with us, but between all our schedules, that wasn't working... so we went ourselves.

I thought this was interesting sign and a neat bit of trivia.....

It's a beautiful place and you can tell that they put a "ton" of work into it. Lots of trees to choose from, I feared this could take hours!!!! (just ask any of my family how fussy I am when it comes to finding that perfect tree!!!) Fortunately, the day was grand weather wise, and we didn't have a time schedule, so if it took hours.. so be it....

However, we weren't even there 15 minutes and there was "my" tree, just standing there --- waiting for me. A beautiful blue spruce. Now, many people (including my family) don't like the blue spruces because they are so prickly and hard to decorate (when the needles are pricking you) but I especially like them. I love the blue color.. and I love how heavy and sturdy they are, because I have a lot of heavy ornaments that other trees sometimes can't hold up.... AND, I have never had one cat climb a blue spruce.. so, if I can find one.. that's my choice!!!

This was quite a mature tree, so it has (has) a thick trunk and is very heavy. I like the way this farm will send the tractor down to pick up your tree.. besides we had had some rain, and it was muddy on the pathways, our tree would have been a real mess if we had to drag it back to the truck.

We got it home, and in the house. It's so pretty on it's own that I wondered if we needed to add ornaments and lights... but of course we will.

And so, here it is.. our 2011 Christmas tree.. or as Abbie says... "MY Chrisssmass Tree, Baby!!!"