Wednesday, March 17, 2010

five months...

Yesterday "our" Abbie turned five months!!! and so keeping with "tradition" Sadie took her "Abbie/Tatter" photo.

Tatter sure does love her little baby!!!

However, part way thru the "shoot"..Tatter got bored and went for a little walk... so.. Camille thought that she would step in. (Abbie thought she would just give Camille a little bite!!!- good thing her teeth haven't come in yet!!!)

Abbie greatly admires Camille's spots!!!!

Abbie has discovered many things over this past month... she loves feet!!! And did you notice... she can sit up on her own now.

She also is getting into hugs!!!! and laughing

then...Tatter decided to come back and finish the photos... (and yes, you did see ear rings in Abbie's ears!!!)

and the sitting up thing... well, it still has it's tumbles

and Abbie's other favorite "creature"... is Douglas!!!!

Where has the time gone?????