Thursday, October 09, 2008

the neighbor's view

One on my big hopes with moving into a "new" neighborhood... is that we would be very good neighbors to have. We have told Mike (who is our closest neighbor) that if any of our animals, or whatever is bothersome to his family, he needs to tell us about it. I popped over to visit with him a minute the other day, and his sister is visiting from Florida... she told me she got a nice picture of Tonka thru the trees... and sent me this copy of it.... it pleases me to know that the neighbors are enjoying their new "view".....

docks and beams

Living in the heart of apple country (we have several large orchards in the neighborhood) the signs of fall are very easy to see. I think I have eaten more apples this fall than I have in my entire life, but they are so good, and being able to run down the road and get them fresh off the tree.... amazing!!!

I haven't picked out my fall pumpkins yet, but will do that within a day or two. I need a few for the party on Sunday, and what is the fall without a nice batch of roasted pumpkin seeds. Course, this year with "no kids" around, I will have to clean the pumpkins myself, but the seeds will be worth the work.... googy as it is!!!

And all too soon, it's time for the docks to be taken out of the lake. Two summers ago, Ed decided to go with the "light weight aluminium docks"... well, they are better than water heavy wooden docks, but there isn't much that is light about even these. Fortunately, ever faithful Dave and Nate came to brave the waters and help Ed get the docks up on dry land. I always tell Ed that he should pull the docks on Labor Day weekend, when the water is still warm.. but he can never bring himself to do it "that early"... so, here it is October and the water certainly isn't warm!!! I suppose it's better than the year they were pulled in November!!! And Ed seems to think that the wet suits do help a little, but I am not so sure that Nate would agree with that idea. Charlie of course, had the last doggie swim.. he couldn't help but get one more jump in the lake before the season comes to the end.

Bundle by bundle the beams are being unwrapped. Ken sands them all by hand, and will then apply a light stain and oil before they go into place. He says its easier to do them on the ground, and it will protect them as they go into place, but what a job this is. Every beam is handled with care, and the sanders have been running for the past two days. Fortunately, with the "walk out cellar", the beams that have been done are tucked away out of the weather. The cellar looks like a workshop!!!

I can't decide if there are enough to make a house or not. There seems to be a lot of them, but when I think.. "that's my whole house" it doesn't look like there are enough. I am sure, after sanding them all... Ken and Eric know that there are more than enough!!!!

In some ways it's sad to think that all this beautiful work is just going to be covered over when the beams go together. I noticed, too, that they are all numbered, so this certainly will go together like a big kit.

can't wait to see it...................