Tuesday, December 01, 2009

"most wonderful time......."

December (again).. seems like we just had December!!! However, this year has been nicely on the mild side and I, for one, am very happy about that. I need to look back at last year's blog, because if you remember we weren't too far into the month and dealt with the ice storm!!!!

Kassy has hung her count down calendar. This silly thing, I made this about 26 years ago and when the girls were little, they got to pick an "ornament" and hang it on the tree until it was Christmas Eve. I thought that it was looking a bit tattered and I made another one (cross stitch) and was about to retire this one, when Kas asked if she could have it. So, as "bad" as it looks, it is used each year. When we get into the farm house, I will get the new one out, and now I am thinking that I should be looking to do yet another one.. for baby Abbie!!!

Well, we're trying it again... the bell choir! Last year, we only got two practices in and then the ice storm knocked us out. This year, practices began a little sooner and hopefully, we can continue until Christmas. We're "scheduled" to play the Sunday before Christmas and might even do as many as five songs!!! We're doing "OK".. each week we're a little better and in some cases you can "almost hear the song we are trying to play"... Either way, it's great fun, and I am having the chance to really meet and talk more with the folks of the church. We do a lot of laughing and shaking of heads (when we get "lost") and it's just such an enjoyable time. I wished the bells were out more often and that we made this more of regular thing , instead of just a holiday thing!!!

They're beautiful in both sight and sound. I love bells anyways, whether they are "played" or jingle on a harness....

wish more people had the chance to hear them.....