Friday, February 29, 2008


Do you know a "leapling"? Do you know what a "leapling" is? Did you know that February had an extra day this year???
Well, if you did, and you know Sadie... then... you know a leapling.. which is a person who was born on the 29th of February!! A day which only comes around every four years!!!

"Our" Sadie turned 20 today and celebrated her 5th birthday!!! and I remember her being born as though it were yesterday. Sadie's "due date" was the 29th.. sort of as a joke by the nurses in the doctor's office. When they first saw me and said I would be due around the first part of March, and then saw it was a leap year, made her due date of the 29th. I remember, too, my Dad saying "oh don't have "her" on that date, that won't be fair" well, what baby actually comes on their due date?

The morning of the 29th, I had a doctor's visit... they checked everything out and said "we'll see you next week".. this did not make me happy, I was done with being fat and feeling like I couldn't do much of anything... so, i went to visit my dear friend, Lory and play with some cocker puppies she had. Lory always had a way of cheering me up, and I had a great time with her, playing with the pups, having a cup of tea and all that sort of thing. I left Lory's about 3:00.... around 4:00 I started feeling "not so great" and about 5:00, as Ed walked in from work... I said "we need to get moving... I think this baby is coming afterall"....

Well, I should have learned a great deal about Sadie within that time... because by 6:45... she was here!!!! Now, the other thing about Sadie is... she wasn't suppose to be a "she"... I was quite certain (for no real reason) that "she" was a boy, and when the doctor said "it's a little girl!!!" I was shocked!!! We didn't even have a name picked out for a little girl!!!! It was the doctor that suggested calling her Sadie.. and the name sort of stuck!!!! I remember calling Lory, sometime around 7:00.. she asked "how are you feeling?" "just fine" I told her... it's a girl, I don't think she quite believed me at first!!!!!!

AND (just have to tell this story) Lory's son, Michael, was quite small when Sadie was born.. Lory brought him to the hospital to see Sadie... as the were looking thru the nursery room window, Michael commented to his Mom that "all those babies must be brand new... they didn't even have their eyes open yet" ... Mike was quite used to puppies being born.. so he assumed that humans don't open their eyes right away as well!!!!!

So, here we are five birthdays later, and a young gal now entering her 20's... I remember being 20, so I can't figure out how my "baby" can be that old!!!! but here she is. And for all the "fights" that the two of us are known for... we adore each other... and all I can say is ... "happy birthday pretty girl, I love you very much!!!" Birhtday 6 will be here before we even know it.....