Tuesday, October 12, 2010

drama.... in the barnyard!!!!!

"What is this?? Are you kidding, more of them???"

"What's that you say, Annabelle? Some thing's up... OHHHH... I see"

"Hey girls, have you heard the rumor..."

"We heard it!!!! Yahoo...... it's about time!!!!"

"The door is open!!! We are free... we can go where ever we want, see the world.. check out the barnyard!!!" "Hurray, hurry!!!!!"

"Now just one moment everyone, this is MY barnyard, and just so everyone has it straight, I am the king around here and you must do as I see fit. What do you even know about the outside world"

"Ah, see here, my fine gentleman... if the door is open and we choose to go out.. then out we go.. I don't see where you have any say about that"

"Wow, look at all the room... look at all the things to eat and see.. this is great!!!"

"and now if things aren't bad enough, there is another CAT on the other side of the plow? First more free chickens, and now a cat.. what is my place coming too??"

"See here, Mona, you stay on your path, I'll stick to mine and everything will work out just fine... thank you very much"

"goodness, my life of peace and quiet has just gone out the window... house cats coming out to the barn.. more chickens pecking about and guinea hens trying to control everything.... think this might be a good time for a nap"

"and those silly creatures don't even seem to care"

clean up at Kassy's .... and Nate's

Do you remember "Furby"? Back when the girls were little Furby was quite the item. We had a couple of them kicking around the house. I actually was taken by these funny little creatures and bought one for myself... which I never took out of the box. In my recent unpacking I came across "my" Furby and nothing doing.. Sadie had to bring him to life for Abbie....

At first Abbie was quite taken with him... but the thing is, with so many animals in the house.. I think she just consider him another pet, and after a little bit lost interest. We had to rescue Furby from becoming another dog toy!!!!

Walking is getting closer and closer... there's a lot of standing going on just now, but not quite brave enough to take that actual first step.....

So, as the title of this story states... it was clean up day at Kassy and Nate's. A couple weeks ago they had a big dead tree taken down. Kas was in fear that one good wind or ice storm might do the job for them... on top of the house. Before that happened they wanted to bring the tree down properly. Actually three trees had to go, and though it was good not to have to worry, it did leave quite a mess.

No problem.. just call in the troops.. er, family!!! Rick let them take his big chipper for the mess and there was quite a bit of good wood that just need to be cut and split. With many hands the job actually went quick. Dave brought his tractor, so as wood was split, he brought it over to the cellar door and we got most of it brought inside. The kids will certainly keep warm this winter!!!

And since we had a tractor and truck in one place at the same time, I wanted to finally get my horse up to the farm. We bought him back when Kas and Nate were in North Carolina, and he made it all the way back to Maine. All last winter Nate was afraid he might hit him with the snow plow, so I knew that Nate would be happy to have him move along...

Here he is all loaded up and ready to make the final move. I haven't quite decided where he'll go, more than likely at the end of our walk way.. but we'll see. One thing, I need to make up my mind, because this isn't something that you can move around on a whim

Kass made a fine homemade soup for the work crew.. it sure tasted good after all that exercise and being outside all day...

and dessert was a "pumpkin cake roll"... very yummy. We arrived back at the farm, tired and full... a good day. Now, if I can only get my wood pile looking like theirs!!!!!