Friday, October 15, 2010

it's fall

Some where in this photo is our barn!!! We are having a real New England "nor'easter" today.. and though they are probably getting more of it on the coast, we're having a pretty good storm inland as well. I actually opted to drive my truck up the driveway to the barn this morning, or else I would have been sopping wet before I even began barn chores. We kept everyone in last night and after hearing the howling winds in the middle of the night, I think we made a good choice. The horses don't totally agree with our decision, they would be just as happy outside.. but some good hay and grain changed their minds.

It's nice this year to have my fall decorations out once again. The past two falls they have been tucked away in storage, and it's like having old and dear friends visiting to see them once again. I made this little wreath back in 1982!!!! It's held up well over the years, and because it is hardly "out".. all the colors have stayed bright.

Apple pie anyone??? I had forgotten how much I enjoyed baking, and having this new kitchen to work in... what a blessing...

like the horse motif???

The trees are putting on a great fall display. Well, until today, with all the wind, I might be glad I got this shot.. tomorrow they could all be gone. I love this row of trees at the edge of our pasture, and once the leaves to do drop, we'll be able to see our neighbors once again. And they'll be able to see the horses. Both our closest neighbors have told us how much they enjoy watching the horses out in the field.

I totally agree with that.... this is often the view I have from the dining room. I have dreamed of this view since I was a child... horses at my own home..... I will always be grateful.

Sadie and Thom and Abbie carved pumpkins the other evening (without me... much to my disappointment!!!!) Then they "stole" two of my electric night lights to light them up. I have to admit it does work better than candles.. but I miss my lights in the places that they really belong.

Annabelle was not a bit interested in getting up this morning when I was doing barn chores. She has the right idea on a wild, wet and windy day....

even the chickens thought better and have decided to stay in.

tomorrow is Abbie's 1st birthday.. we have a big bash planned.. so you can probably guess what the next few blogs will be about....