Friday, March 19, 2010

almost a lake

With the warm temps and the heavy rains that we have had lately.. the ice is quickly disappearing from the lake. A spring sign that I am extremely happy to see, I am not a fan of the "big white tundra" that the lake makes in the winter time. I like to see the sparkling waters, and I wait anxiously to hear the loons calling once again. Last year, the ice had only been gone a few days and the loons were back... so... I listen carefully each night.

Ed says there is room to put the docks in.. any volunteers to brave the icy waters (because I doubt he Is going in!!!)

Even the middle is open now.. room for a boat!!!

Sadie has been working part time, and I have Abbie with me a couple days a week. Yesterday, she was jumping in her "jump a roo" as happy as a clam, I went to switch some laundry around and came back to find this... out like a light.

She is really sitting on her own now, and has a complete fit if she topples over and can't get back up!!!! She likes to keep in touch with the "action"

Having fun in the jump a roo and entertaining herself and anyone else..... What a little silly she is..

I have put a lot of extra days in at the post. My poor boss got completely flooded out from the rain storms and has been battling the waters all week. I like my job, I like the pay, but I fear the work (at least my part of the work) at the house has gone undone. I have a few rooms to catch up on... so maybe this weekend, it will be back to painting. WE also met with a cabinet person today to talk about the kitchen... with any luck she will bring back a quote that fits the budget... here's hoping....