Saturday, September 19, 2009

morning routine

Most mornings Ed is the one that "opens" the barn up. Because he is working at the house, he'll do the morning chores which allows me time to get "house things" done. It works out nice and I certainly love the way we work together with this "farm thing".

He's been telling me that the turkeys have discovered the shelf that is in Turkey Manor. We used it as a little work bench when the shed was in it's "other life" and we just left it there for the birds.

I guess the past few mornings as he arrives to let the birds out for the day, he has seen that they have found the shelf and the window. And they sit there, peeking out as if to say... "I wish the "Butler" would show up and open this door and serve breakfast." I caught them doing it this morning when I went to do chores and got this photo with my phone.
When we open the door, they file out.. sort of looks like Noah's Ark with them all coming down the little ramp!!! But, the best news is, they are getting used to going in at night as well.. so Ed has fewer and fewer birds to wrestle in each night. We'll just get them trained and then... well.... they'll be "gone".... :-)