Wednesday, January 04, 2012

back to normal... projects around the farm

I don't have any photos for this blog :( they're in the "other" computer... the other "sick" computer!!!! again!!! Ed bought a nice laptop maybe five years ago. At first he used it for his business and such, but then decided that a desk top computer really was better for the business... so, I got to take over the lap top. I love that lap top, because I can sit while he watches TV and watch and blog at the same time. But then, the little lap top got "sick".. so we took it to the doctor and he made it better.. and sort of said.. it was beginning to get old. Still we used it, and it went along well.. and then... it got sick again. And has been sick for a number of times... but this time.. I think it really has had it. Now, the folks that are living in the big camp this winter are computer geniuses.. and so we took the lap top to them to see if they could fix it.. and they did, but said it's probably time for a new one. I guess lap tops don't typically have long lives.

We decided to go and look at a new one... and found that if you don't want too many fancies (and I actually don't' want ANY) you can get a nice little lap top for a fairly reasonable price. So, we did..... the old lap top is back at the computer doctor (along with my photos) and the new one is up and running. I know... ever heard of "backing up" the things on the computer... well, yes... but it's one of those things that requires "doing it".. however, I promise, this time... back ups will be in order. Our friends believe they can save our photos, and if I can get them off the old computer, I'll be happy......

So... with Ginger off to college, it's time to get busy with other things. One big project involved Rick and his wood chipper again. We've been wanting to clear some of the wood behind the barn to make more room. Rick is (sadly) in a quiet time of his work, so he offered to come and work with Ed. They got a nice big area cleared, and all the pines either cut up for the furnace or made into chips. Now, I can move our manure pile out of sight and we're going to set up a tent building to house the wagons and sleighs, and they'll be undercover.

It's been a strange winter, even for New England... fairly mild and no snow... high 30's and bare ground in January is really odd.... I don't know if we'll slide threw like this or if it's going to sneak up on us and we'll get slammed with "winter" towards the end... time will tell.

I have opted to grab any extra days I can at the post office. I worked all last week and it looks like I'll be covering the next few Fridays. Might as well.. come good weather, the last place I will want to be is inside!!! I had hoped by working these few hours each week at the post would cover our hay bill, and it seems as though it has. So that's a nice feeling.

I feel as though there isn't too much exciting going on... just winter.. just normal... but all in all, normal is goodr