Saturday, June 27, 2009

still no pics...

I really don't like blogging without pictures!!! but at least if I "log" on something, you will all know what we have been up too. We should have our own computer next week, and while I appreciate having Sadie's to post on, I miss my own!!!!

It was such a busy week, we "went thru" the big camp in great detail!!! Got Titus moved to the cellar of the new house (he is safe there, but I miss watching him swim around his tank)... Ed got some much needed work done on the big camp.... storm windows with screens put on... new front door, replaced some clapboards, power washed the deck, bought two new chairs and a new rug.... our renters arrived just as we were finishing up, and from what we can see, they are really enjoying their weekend.

This "renting" is a funny business, and I am continually surprised at what people want (request)... for example, I had it rented for a week in August, and today the renter wrote and wondered if each bedroom had a TV in it... NO... I thought you were at the lake to ... well, use the lake. So, I wrote her back and said no about the TVs.. and tonite, found a note back saying that they had changed their mind.... oh well, someone else will take the week I am sure. Another inquiry I got wanted to know "how buggy" it was around here.... didn't know that I should be "counting the bugs!!!" and someone else wanted to know "what type of a refund might they get for bad weather".... sorry, I can only ask the Good Lord for good weather... I don't control it!!! But all in all, we meet a lot of nice people and most the come and stay seem very happy.

Today, I drove up to Augusta (about a two hour trip) to be a "speaker" at the "Maine 4H weekend"... I of course, was the "dog trainer" and spoke to the "dog kids"... it was very fun, and the girls were cute with all their dogs. Quite a wide variety of dogs too.... Camille was right in her element.... she loves kids, and is loving this obedience stuff with Mom.... so she had a great time. I used to be a 4H leader when our girls were little.. but at that time Maine didn't have a dog program, so we joined a New Hampshire group. I loved going to the fairs and helping the girls getting ready to show their dogs.... it's nice to see that things like 4H are still alive and well... it's a great program.

Tomorrow, Ed heads out to see the NASCAR race... I am hoping to go and pick some strawberries with the kids, but we have to see if any of the patches are open and have berries.. with all the rain we have been dealing with.. I worry if the berries are all mooshy.... if they are, I am sure we will come up with something fun to do.

I can't believe that next weekend is the 4th!!! where is the summer going.. or rather, where is summer??? with all this rain and cool weather (50 to 60's) I am a little worried that we might not even get a "real summer"... oh well... at least we had some sun today. OH... and also tomorrow.. is Tonka's 5th anniversary with us!!!!! (where has five years gone????)