Thursday, May 28, 2009

it's Thursday already???

Goodness, I have no idea where this week has gone!!! It's been a bit of an "odd" week, with the holidays and other "happenings".. it just seems to be "one of those weeks". But, tomorrow is Friday and I have been looking forward to that all week. I will be packing up Tonka, and with my dear friend Betty, we will drive to Becky and Butch's for a weekend of riding!!! Betty and I will be attending a seminar that is being put on by Patrick Benson... I have no idea what to expect...never been to a clinic before with a horse, but I am looking forward to a weekend away and a weekend of horses... should be great fun, and I will take lots of pics for the blog!!!!

Ken and Buzz are back again finishing up some little things...mainly stairs.

This set of stairs in the the garage and will lead down to the cellar. If things work out according to plan... this will be the entrance to our "doggie daycare" and boarding kennel. It will be nice, because clients won't have to walk thru the house to get to the cellar area, and by coming thru the garage, they can be "safe" from any kind of bad weather.

This is all I got for house photos today... just the rough in of the steps. After that, Ed and I were on the road with a "million" things to do... so, I didn't get back to see the finished product. Guess I'll have to get those shots tomorrow.

Monday (Memorial Day) was great fun. The weather was beautiful and Ed, Sadie, and I got up bright and early and headed back to our "old town" to see the parade. Ed and Nate decided to dawn their uniforms and march in the parade as well. We brought the dogs will with us .. and certainly weren't the only folks with dogs!!! It was a great place to do some socializing and meet some new friends. Here Banjo and Tatter say hello to a pug puppy.

The start of the parade. It was fairly large and there was an excellent turn out of town folk. It really pleases me to see so many that wish to pay their respect to the ones who gave so much for our country!!!

Got to love a man in a uniform!!! Here is my Ed (fire department) son-in-law Nate (Marines) and my Dad... (also fire department).... nice looking group of men!!!!!

And I just had to get this picture of Nate with his dog!!!!

By the way, last night Banjo passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen class and test!!! He officially holds the title of CGC!!!

Congratulations to Kas and Nate for a fine job of training this beautiful dog!!!!

On one last note, Ed's brother Bill is in the hospital tonite... he has some health issues that he has been dealing with for sometime now, but, last night was not feeling well at all. We paid him a visit this afternoon and he is looking much brighter, though "they" are keeping him for a while to do a long list of tests. I feel a little guilty for leaving this weekend, but really there isn't much I can do, so I will still continue with the weekend plans. Say a little prayer for Bill........