Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Longest day of the year..

The first, official, day of summer... the longest (daylight wise) day of the year. And look what we did to celebrate... Rick has brought us next winter's wood. Thankfully, we have a few months to get it ready for use... but it makes me happy to be "so far" ahead as far as the winter is concerned.

We'll use this in the big furnace and have it all split and undercover before the bad weather returns....

It was fun to watch Rick unload his truck. He made it look so easy, I have a feeling he has done this once or twice before!!!!

This will give us something "to do" for a while... just in case we get bored around here.

Then (a few days later) we met up with our friends, Denise and Mara... and went to get a big load of shavings. If you buy in bulk, it's a good savings.. so between the three of us, we filled two horse trailers. (though I wouldn't mind having THIS trailer full in the yard!!!)

I will need another load before the winter, but this will last us the summer and we won't have to worry about running after them again. Good thing we have a big barn to store them in....

Now, just finish up on the haying... and we'll be in good shape.