Saturday, May 08, 2010

farm week...

This week was "farm week" at Kassy's pre school, so she asked if I would come down to school with some of our farm animals. Sadie and Abbie came with me, and Abbie was dressed in true "farm apparel"... blue jeans!!!

The children at the school had seen a number of "farm animals" thru the week, horses, goats and chickens to name a few. They are even raising some chicks in the class room.. so I thought that they might really enjoy meeting Beeker!!! We packed her into a crate, and brought her with us.

I knew that Beeker would be a big hit with the kids. She's just so "strange looking" , I figured the kids would get a big charge out of her. But what surprised me.. was how Beeker was with the kids!!! We had them in a big circle, and I placed her in the center and she did the rest.

She walked around the whole circle as though she were trying to say hello to each child. Everyone got to pet her and she stood nice and still so they could. (she didn't even poop!!!)

she would actually walk up to the kids that called her by name... they couldn't believe her!!!

and she seemed to have a great time talking with this little chap!!!! She was quite the hit of the party!!!!

I also brought Mocha down. Some of the children remember her from last year, but they still enjoy seeing her. Course, I no sooner got her off the trailer when it began to rain. But, no loss there, I just walked her up the ramp of the school and the kids got to visit with her on the porch. No one got wet!!!

The rain did let up a little, so it was back down the ramp and on the lawn where there was more room for everyone.

Some where in this "pile of kids" is a miniature horse!!! I am so glad she is "safe" with kids, my biggest worry is that she might step on their toes, but other than that, she is so very good with the kids!!!!

After animal visits, the kids came in for snack. Abbie was in her glory "crawling" around the school room... the kids were great with her as well...

And then it was home again. The big horses were happy to have Mocha back, especially Silver, she's his little mare to be sure. I love Farm Week at school, I love bringing the animals out and sharing them with the kids!!!! We;ll plan on this again next year!!!

I just have to share this picture with you all. This painting is a NEADS dog - Dango - who is a veteran's dog... and prints are being made for a fund raiser. I just think it's speaks volumes!!!
if anyone is interested in getting a print of this painting, go t0 the NEADS website and you can get the info... I am certainly planning on having one for myself!!!