Monday, June 04, 2007

Hunter, baby

What a strange weekend this turned out to be!!! It started out when my friend, Julie, called to see if I could be on "puppy stand-by". Some of you may not know, but I am a great "puppy mid-wife" and I have helped several friends deliver their puppies. Julie always calls when she has a litter on the way (she raises German Shorthair Pointers) and we have spent many late night/early mornings together!!! So, I was pretty excited waiting for "the phone call to come". Sadie said that she wanted to come along as well, since she will be studying that sort of thing in college next year and thought it would be good to see it all done.
So, the weekend went along, but I was a little worried about getting into anything too big, just in case Julie called.

Ed snapped this shot of Hunter and Dancer around supper time on Sunday. Moments later, Hunter got off the couch and began to act as though he was having a seizure. He has had a couple in the past, not bad ones, so I didn't get too upset when this all began. But, as the moments went on, something just wasn't right with him. I still can't even really describe it, but, knowing my dog, I knew something was up. I had Ed call Julie and tell her not to count on me being there, because I was headed to the ER with Hunter. Bottom line, after they did some x-rays and a general exam, was he had some sort of stomach pains, but for no real reason. Basically sent us home with keep a close eye on him, bland diet for a few days, contact the vet if anything else came up. He is almost back to his old self this am, ate his rice for breakfast, barked when Ed popped in a minute ago, but also being a little quieter than usual. Strange........ on top of that, Julie called, and so far, there are 13 new pointer puppies in the world this am. Her girl did really well, and Julie got some help from another friend, so everyone is in good shape there.

Turtles...... Kas and I went to Zoo Creatures on Saturday, to see what we could find out about the turtles...... yes, that word has an "s" on the end, she found another baby this week, so we now have two. I set up Titus's small tank for them, and we talked with a "Turtle expert" at the store. He gave some baby food to get them started with and went over all the best ways to have their tank, etc. I ended up with another complete set up, and then even did some up grading with Titus's tank with a better filter and such for him. The turtle man gave me some good ideas and easier methods for cleaning, and now that I have two tanks to keep track of, I was pretty happy to get that advise. I am happy to report that both the babies are eating well, very active and seem pretty happy in their new home. AND, Ed and I even got the beginnings of an outdoor pond for them... so I hope within a few weeks, I will have a nice outdoor place for them.
It was also back to the sunroom work again. The weather on Sunday was rainy, so after church, we got started on the bead board. This was tricky to work with, I dare say, even a little more than the ceiling was. We got a good start on it, finishing up two walls, before Hunter did his thing!!!! It looks really nice and I think its a good choice. I hope we'll get a chance to work on it a couple of evenings this week, because that will finish it up. Then its just window trim and the floor and this project can be taken off our list!!!!

It's Monday, I feel tired and not with it, but after the weekend and all its "strangeness"... I guess I have a good reason........