Saturday, March 07, 2009

Emerald Isle...

Last night, we got a chance to "visit" with Patrick... and it made me think of my friend, Aileen!!!! (Aileen's husband was a POW in the world war.. and the way she was made aware of that, was to receive a telegram thru the local store. All the time that her dear "Pitt" was captured, Aileen had no real communications on his condition... I can't even imagine what that must have been liked for the two of them.) Patrick is serving in Iraq, and nothing about that is "easy"... for Mandi it means raising Maya, taking care of herself, running her household, and "worrying about her hubby" all on her own. However, technology is certainly a great aid during this time, because Patrick can contact his family on a daily basis, and thru the computer, they can actually see each other and "visit"... Long ways from "your day" right Aileen????

Because the day was so beautiful... we decided that we wanted to spend some time on the beach. We packed up and went out to Emerald Isle which is part of the "outer banks"... this meant crossing a huge bridge... I am such a fan of bridges (NOT), but you have to go over it in order to get there!!!

Here is baby Maya sporting her new beach wear!!!

Kas was able to hook up with another friend, Annie.. actually Annie is from "our area" and her hubby is down here serving in the "corps"... they only have a few months left of his commitment, so, they rented a condo on the beach for the winter.

The beaches in North Carolina are so different from our beaches in New England, it was such fun just to be able to walk them today.

Tomorrow we head north again... I fear that Kas and I might suffer "climate shock"..... it certainly has been a wonderful little break!!!!