Tuesday, July 31, 2007

killin' time

So, I am at a stand still for the moment...... you see, tonite is the dog club's obedience demo at Short sands beach. We do this every year as part of the York Days celebration, and every year it's just the same..... a wonderful performance, we draw a huge crowd, everyone loves the dogs and is sad when its all done.... except for me!!!!! every year, I have several sleepless nights before the performance and worry about the routines and is the music good enough, and did I get all the equipment we are going to need, etc. etc. Which is where I am at the moment,......everything is all together, I think I have the routine in my head, and now it's sit and wait until it's time to go.......... nice that I have a blog to play with, because I can't think about doing much until the demo is behind me.

Thought you might like to see the "peepers", we moved them to the outdoor pen over the weekend... and they are growing fast!!! Sadly, we lost three of them... we didn't loose any last year, but three didn't make it this year. I asked at the feed store if something was "a muck", and we were told that it sometimes happens. They were willing to get us three more chicks, but, I said no... I will be happy to get these three into the freezer!! We still have one left from last year, which I will probably cook sometime in September.

And look at this.... Titus's outdoor pool, complete and up and running!!!! We went over to Home Depot on Sunday to get some wire (Ed is making a new bunny hutch so Sadie's bunny can be outside in good weather) and as we went into the store, I saw that they had set up a pool and just supported it with pavers.... well, we have plenty of pavers (remember our new walkway) so, when we got home, I got to work!!!! Ed got the pump working for me, and I don't know if you noticed, but the "fountain" is a little cocker spaniel holding a hose. I bought this a long time ago (wanting a pond to be set up) and now it's finally able to do its job!!!!

And here is Titus, enjoying all his swimming room!!! He got to spend the better part of the afternoon out in his new pond!!!! I will only put him out there when I am around to watch him. I don't think he can get out of it, but who knows... I never thought he would get out of his tank either!!!! I need to make a resting spot for him, and might look into getting a few plants for it, but, its being used and that's another project we can check off the list!!!

So, the clock struck three...... three hours to go... five hours and it will be done until next year...........yup, just killin time.........