Sunday, July 05, 2009

we got.....KEETS!!!

Look at the new additions!!! Guinea fowl keets!!!! Yesterday at our little fourth of July cookout, Deb mentioned that she had found some ads on craig's list with regards to keets. I have never checked out craig's list so she showed me how to get on, and sure enough, there were a few ads for keets. I emailed a couple of them, and this morning I had a response back to one of my notes. This lady had a few keets for sale, and she lived fairly close to us, so this evening, Ed and I went to get them.

We have no idea what color they will turn out to be, and it doesn't matter.. we also don't know what we have for hens or cockerels (again it doesn't matter), it's just that Mr. G. won't be all alone. We came home with six keets, but I am worried about one of them... they're just a couple of days old and I think the ride might have been a little too much. He looked kind of "sleepy" and sat very still under the heat lamp, so, I guess I will have to see if he makes it thru the night.

The other five are pretty lively and once we had the "brooder" cage set up, they were running about, checking out the water and the feed, and making a good racket. If "mr. six" can warm up enough, he should be able to join them.

We had to take the heat lamp from the turkeys, but they really haven't been using it much the last couple of days. I left them a flake of hay to nestle in, and they were quite interested in that, some eating it, some nesting in it. All 13 are doing well, getting big quick.

It was such a nice weekend. We had a grand time last evening, and our company stayed quite awhile, everyone was talking and laughing and having such a good time. Today, though it was bright and sunny, it was windy and cool. So after church, we ran over to Wolfeboro and poked around the shops with the kids. Kas and Nate are staying over one more night and then it will be back to "normal" tomorrow. I got lots of great photos, but we are still waiting on the computer to come back, so they will have to be posted at another time.

Tomorrow we will get back to work on the house. We haven't done much the past couple of weeks, between the wet weather, and getting the camps ready to rent... so it's time to get back to work. We won't be in by the fall if we don't get moving... NOT that we haven't been "working"... just not on the farm.

The lake is still pretty busy tonite, I think a lot of folks have taken this week as vacation week, so many of the camps have people in them. It's nice to see all the activity. Our renters seem to be enjoying the big camp, and from here until Labor Day, we are pretty much booked as far as that goes. Now.. let's just hope the weather is done with all that rain business and we can get some summer in!!!!!