Monday, September 21, 2009

weekend report... part 1

Sometimes, I "hate" weekends -- in that we either have "millions" of great things to do, or we have "nothing" to do.. wouldn't it be nice if once in a while, a weekend could "balance " out, but they never seem to.
So, this was one of those "millions of great things to do" weekends, starting with the Apple Fest that is hosted by our little town. I was up fairly early, got our pies to the church and saw that the pancake breakfast there was hopping. Vendors and crafters were arriving and setting up their wares in the church parking lot, and you could hear the tractors and like beginning to run in the orchards. I got the barn chores done, and was returning to camp when I saw that the "airport" (which is behind our farm) was also offering a pancake breakfast.

Ed and Sadie were waiting when I got back, and when they had their choice of "which" breakfast to try, we opted for the airport. I haven't been back there but once or twice and Sadie has never seen it, so, we thought we would check it out.

The airport was offering a breakfast (and a nice one at that) but basically it was for the "fly ins"... people had arrived in all sorts of small planes, to visit with each other, enjoy a beautiful day of flying and to have breakfast. I didn't count exactly how many planes were there, but my guess would be around 20.
As we ate, we watched some of the plane come and go, and then took a little tour around them ourselves. They're beautiful little planes, and really small!!!! I have been up in a "small" plane, but I had forgotten just how small they really are. I got some good video of different planes taking off after breakfast, but for some reason "blogger" won't down load them, so you'll just have to enjoy the photos.

I found this sign interesting, the elevation of the airport is 705 feet above sea level.. (if I am reading that correctly???) which means our farm would be the same elevation...

I guess, from what we heard in various conversations, that often at these "fly ins" the pilots will take you for a ride. However, the wind was really (really) strong and so the offer was not open this time. There were two little boys that had been looking forward to their flight and were so disappointed that they couldn't go up. But I saw their disappointment turn to smiles, when "their" pilot made plans to take them up on Sunday when the wind is suppose to be calmer. I still haven't decided if I would go up if I had the offer... Ed would for sure, but I don't know.

We stayed longer than planned at the airport (just having too much fun I guess!!!) and we had to be in York for the afternoon... so, by the time we left, we couldn't get back to the church in order to check things out there. (bummer!!!!) It looked quite busy as we drove by... oh well, maybe next year!!!

There's another "fly in" coming up in October, I got a flyer on it, but if we should "forget" I somehow think all the little planes buzzing over the farm will remind us.......

and then onto the afternoon.... but THATs another blog!!!!