Friday, September 05, 2008


a little bit ago, Kas found this website called "picnik"... where you can take your photos and "play around" with them and get all sorts of different looks...

Here are a couple of shots I took of the boys and changed them up abit...

so, if you have nothing better to do with your time... check this out!!!

playing with horses

My dear friend, Betty, (who I have known from the dog world nearly forever) has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the horses!!! She was so excited when she called me over the weekend and found out that they had arrived. Since she was on vacation this week... I told her to save a day and come and play. And yesterday morning, when I went out to feed, there was Betty waiting for me!!!

We had a wonderful day together!!! Betty is working with my trainer, Laura.. she is a bit undecided about whether she wants to learn to ride or not... but she does want to have good handling skills, so she and Laura are working together on "horsemanship" and horse knowledge. I admire Betty for being so smart and wanting to learn from the bottom up... too many folks decide "I want a horse"... then buy one, and have no idea what they have gotten into. Betty does amazing work with her Newfoundland.. so I knew that she would be an excellent "horse student".

We turned the boys out for some grazing time, and Betty... picked up a fork and got to work on the stalls!!!! I NEVER deny anyone who wants to come and pick stalls (hint, hint!!) We chatted all the time about horses, dogs, building (she is very clever and loves to hear all about the construction side of the house and barn!!) and the time flew by.

We pulled Mocha out and put her in harness... (oh my word... I forgot to tell everyone.... Ed bought a cart for Mocha... I must get some blog photos of that!!!) anyways, Mocha is in great need of a ton of ground driving before we hitch her... but, with Betty's help, the "lesson" went well.

Then I thought it would be fun to get Tonka in harness and do a little ground work with him. He hasn't been in harness since last spring when Butch and Becky came to help... so I was wondering how he would be. I have to say, all in all, he went quite well.... he had a couple of "sticky" spots past a boat with a blue tarp on it (that's ok... I have a tarp and can fix that).... and he wasn't quite sure of that big dirt pile (looked a bit like a horse eating monster I am sure)... but Betty's calmness on the lead rope and my driving from behind, we conquered both those things, and by the end of the time, he passed quietly by and hardly noticed a thing. I did have him stand for a bit on the ties, still in harness, I don't want to get into the habit of "we're done and lets rush to the stall". Actually I think he was happy to have all the attention, but training on a positive note is key, and if he thinks his harness is fun.... all the better!!!!

Now, as I said, Betty has a beautiful Newfie... which she brought with her!!! so nothing doing... I couldn't let her go without trying to get a photo of P'trosh and Mocha together!!!! Not too much difference in size.... I told P'trosh that I might even hook him to Mocha's cart!!!!