Saturday, July 21, 2012

helpin' out

Abbie is always ready to help out with chores around the farm, and yesterday couldn't wait to help me with 'scooping the pen" (as I call it). She put on her barn boots and was more than ready to "find them" for me... which, I appreciate.
But, it wasn't too long before she found sometime "even more fun" to do. And that was to make sure all the doggies had nice fresh water to drink after they got done playing.
She was really happy when she figured out that she could turn the spigot on... and the doggies were pretty excited as well... especially the retrievers, who as we know, love water.
But Abbie was sure that everyone got a nice good drink, and she kept telling the others "wait til your turn, we have to share"....
There was plenty for all, Ab was more than happy to fill the bowl over and over again.

Afterwards, she followed me around with the scoop (and was happy to point out "any" that I had missed). One thing about growing up with animals, she is certainly learning about responsibility and caring for others.... it's a good lesson.....