Wednesday, November 26, 2008

not again!!!!

Ed can have a certain tone in his voice that immediately tell me "things are not going well", it's hard to describe the feeling of dread that crops up in me when I hear this tone.... and it was the way that our day began today.

"Hon.... we need to get to the hospital"... I look at him, panic sets in - among a thousand other thoughts... dogs, "guest" dogs, horses, the barn!! "My back is killing me, I have another kidney stone I'm pretty sure". I jump into some clothes, get dogs out for a potty, make up their food, get guests dogs out for their potty, get them fed... all at warp speed.

We buzz into the barn, I all but throw food at the horses, open their doors and we are off again. Suddenly York feels very, very far away... there is a hospital between here and there, but all of Ed's records and doctors are in York, we're headed south. It's about an hour's ride, Ed hangs in there, but his silence tells me everything I need to know about his pain level. We finally arrive.

They take us right in... get him on some pain meds, run him in for ultra sound and sure enough... he is the proud owner of three new kidney stones!!! Fortunately they don't appear to be as large as the one he had in February and hopefully will pass these on his own.

Next dilemma.. getting him home, giving me time for barn chores, dog chores, and getting to dog classes on time.... daughters to the rescue!!!! Sadie is able to come and stay the evening with us... (she can babysit Daddy when he gets home) and Kas can bring him home from the hospital... I am now able to run back, take care of barn animals and house animals, and get to work.

I hope my students thought their classes were ok.. my brain and heart just weren't with me tonite... but I muddled thru. I am home now, Ed is doing OK.. (pretty "drugged" out) Sadie has taken care of the house, she and Kas have begun to prepare for Thanksgiving tomorrow... and I am just about done. I don't handle Ed being sick all that well... I try to be brave, but I don't lie very well. All in all, everything is fine, and we got thru the day.. I just hope this isn't the "beginning".....