Monday, January 01, 2007

look what we got

The cockers just wanted everyone to see what they got for Christmas!! These wonderful coats were made by Deb (Nate's mom). She has made all sorts of coats for her own dogs and of course for Charlie and I was just thrilled when I opened them for "my guys".

Not only are the beautiful, but they are so nice for the dogs when walking in "yucky" weather. We have had a number of compliments about them. One lady even stopped her car in the middle of the street to take a closer look... fine with me, but the car behind her wasn't so happy!!!

The girls look so cute in their coats, but I have to say, I think the boys look "dashing".. that green plaid just suits them..

Now, if anyone in town has any doubt that it's me when I walk... there can be no mistakes made now!!!!

quilting 101

So this is what "quilting" looks like these days. Dancer HAS to be there every moment!!! It usually takes us a couple of tries... she needs a comfortable spot and I need her to be somewhere that I can see over or around her!!! A couple of times, I have convinced her to lay in my lap, under the quilt, but for the most part, she likes to be out where she can see what is going on.

She is very curious about the needle and thread, but lately when I tell her "no", she seems to understand that it's not to be played with. The "other" trouble I have with her laying so close, is the purring!!! Sometimes she is so loud that I can hardly hear the TV over it!!!

A couple of people have made the comment to me that she looks like a "ragdoll" cat. So I did a little looking on the internet and have found out a couple of things about them. For all I know, she might have a little of that in her back ground, because a couple of their "traits" certainly apply to her. For example..

"Ragdolls have been described as codependent" (ya think??)
"Ragdolls love for you to hug, hold and handle them alot" (really??)
"Ragdolls" are very loyal and like to be with you and share in what you are doing" (sounds very cocker-like to me)
"Ragdoll" owners usually say their cats have puppy like traits (good thing in a house full of cockers!!)

So, I guess I picked out a pretty good kitty, or rather she picked out me, but either way.. I would say we have a good match going on here!!!! (good thing too, do you see the size of this quilt that I have to do?? It's Kassy and Nate's wedding quilt, since they have already had their first anniversary, guess I better get stitching!!!! ** and not play on this blog!!!!)