Tuesday, May 22, 2007

phone calls

One thing that has been a huge help with regards to Nate's deployment, is the fact that he has been able to call Kass, Deb & Dave, on a fairly regular basis. This has been a real blessing for them (us) because even the shortest of phone calls, says that he is safe and it's going well.

It just "boggles" my mind though, when I think about it, especially when he calls on Kassy's cell phone. One call I can partically remember is when we were on our way home from church, Kass is riding in the truck, and talking on the phone half way around the world...with little trouble. The time difference is hard enough to comprehend... let alone "where" he is at the moment. Deb. sent me a picture of the "base" Nate is at.... just plain brown desert with tents... not much to look at... and yet there is phone service and other basics.... amazing in many ways, but certainly not the way we are living day to day!!!!!

We just can't say enough of what all your prayers and well wishes mean....please continue because it is definitely what gets us through.........

On a lighter note, I just had to post this picture of our old apple tree... in full bloom and it is just beautiful!!!! I love this old tree, in the fall the apples, (which are a bit annoying to mow over) are a favorite with the deer. We have had as many as six deer feeding from it. They aren't exactly "tame" but they certainly aren't bothered by us or the cars and can be such fun to watch. I must remember to get a picture of them when the arrive in the fall.

We also have a number of very special pets under this tree, so that in itself, makes it close to my heart. I feel a strange sort of comfort thinking that they are safely tucked under this grand old tree. And as the blooms go on, they drop from the tree and it's all white underneath, so we have a good show for a few weeks!!! (Certainly not the way things look in Iraq!!!!)

I have really enjoyed the spring this year, maybe because it was a year ago that I was facing surgery and had a "scare", the sort of thing that makes you sit up and pay attention to life, and appreciate the fact that "you" are well. I heard a quote once that I will never forget...... "if it's a problem, that can be cured with money..... then it really isn't a problem"... and that's right. Sometime you might not have the money, so its seems like a big problem, but if you think about the things that can't be solved by money.... then you get the big idea. And on that note.... off for my walk with the gang.