Monday, November 08, 2010


I was so hoping this story might have a different ending... but since it has been 12 days, and two storms and still nothing, I fear there is no happy ending here...Dancer is gone. My heart aches and my tears are many...
Dancer, Mona and Darci have always been "house cats", when we lived in the hometown, I felt it was safer to keep them in. All in all they seemed pretty happy, but cats like the great outdoors. When we got to the farm, the plan was to keep them in... still, they would sneak by us and head outside.
Mona and Darci were much braver than Dancer, they would be seen at the barn, and out in the field, Dancer stayed pretty close to the house, and was never outside that long. And well before dark, she was inside. She never missed a meal and hated to be cold, so she knew where she belonged. Well, Halloween eve as we were heading out, she slipped by me. I called and tried to get her in, knowing it would be dark before we got back.. but nothing doing.. she wanted out. When we got home, I called and Mona and Darci came running... but no Dancer, right away I got this awful sick feeling. I stayed up late in the night calling every half hour or so.... nothing. I had to work Saturday morning, and dashed home.. hoping to find her at the door stoop...nothing. By Sunday night, I just knew though didn't want to admit it... Dancer would probably not ever be home again.
I spoke with several of my neighbors... they (along with us) assumed the same... more than likely Dancer was caught by a fisher cat. I don't think it was a fox, because she's quick and I think she could outrun/out climb a fox.. but a fisher... they are nasty things.

Our closest neighbor "lost" a kitty over the summer, and other neighbor has actually spotted a fisher. The thing that makes me nervous (along with sad and extremely mad) is.. if it was a fisher, "he" probably is pretty brave and came close to the house. Needless to say the other cats - including our little barn cat - Annabelle AND the cockers are in danger. These things run around 15-20 pounds, they are fearless and will "take down" anything that is their size or smaller. We have picked up a trap, and as soon as Ed gets his gun ready, that trap will be set and Mr. Fisher best count his days. I am usually a "live and let Live" person and being here in a rural area, I expected that we will have to learn with the wildlife, but this "guy" is on my list.
So in memory of my dear little Dancer... a blog in her honor and month of tears still left to cry--- and Mr. Fisher, there will be no tears shed for you