Sunday, March 23, 2008

family affair

It took Camille all of five seconds to find her favorite spot in her "daddy's" lap yesterday when Ed arrived home for the hospital. Of all our dogs, I would have to say that Camille and Hunter really "belong" to Ed. He can hardly sit a moment in his chair without having one or the other up there with him. (Camille just happened to be faster!!!, but Hunter was hanging out beside the chair and "grumbling" to Ed!!!)

So, HOPEFULLY, we are really on the mend now!!! Ed is doing so much better and is very happy to be back at home, though we have to say time and time again, that York Hospital was (is) an outstanding facility and when you feel awful, it's the place to be.

I ran and did some errands, as we were having the "family" over for a cookout and celebration of being all together. It is so great having all the kids around again, I miss them when they are away, but such is the way of life.... families do grow and go about their business.

Now, Deb and I have birthdays coming up.... but, I wanted (needed) to give her her present a little early. You see, she is now the proud owner of a new guinea pig!!!! Since Sadie has decided to keep Penelope and I am keeping Curly, we wanted to give Dottie to Deb. Deb always liked to check on the babies when she came to visit and talked about the guineas that she has had in the past, and it's nice that Dottie can still stay in the family. (that way I can visit her often!!!)

I wasn't sure what Deb had for a cage (she is probably like us and has a "million" of them some place or another,) but, for her birthday, we got her a nice new set up for Dottie!!! Deb seemed surprised, and little Dottie went to her new home last night with Deb.

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie-- I sometimes wonder if he would rather be a fish than a dog. He absolutely loves the water (can't keep him out of it at the lake or anywhere else that he can go swimming) and he spent much of the "cookout/party" last night watching Titus!!! Deb has a fish tank at her house, and when Charlie is there, she says he will sit for "hours" watching her fish. Kas and Nate have fish, too, but had to put their tank up high where Charlie couldn't watch them, because he almost pushes the tank over.

What a funny dog he is....... but it's certainly nice to see him buzzing around the house with the other cockers.

The next few days promise to be busy ones with the kids home and Ed on the mend. I feel like I can finally take a breath........