Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The ferrier

Even though its cold and winter, a major part of
horse care still needs to be attended to... and that is feet!!! I love my ferrier, Dean (and Ed knows this so its not a secret!!) Not only is he talented and keeps Silver and Tonka feeling great, but he is fun and full of information. I look forward to his arrival...which is about every six weeks. There is an old saying that goes "no hoof...no horse" and that is the truth!!

Dean takes great care with both horses, for old Silver (who is nearly 30) he has done wonders over the past couple of years getting better growth on his feet. Silver has always been a little problematic, and over time, Dean has got him in a good place. I love this picture of Silver and Dean, it almost seems like Sil is saying "take care back there".

Working on Tonka is another story. Both horses are excellent for Dean, but with that big hoof of Tonka's, sometimes it can be a bit of wrestling match, if Tonk decides he is too tired to hold his feet up!! Dean is always quick with some comment like "hold your own weight you big claud!!!" course, I am just as quick to say something like "Oh Dean, you know you love him!!" which always gets me "the look"!!!

overall, its an interesting choice of careers, being a ferrier, and a good one can be hard to find... not just for the sake of the horse, but they have to be good to the owner as well. Dean has cared for our guys for almost five years, I feel very fortunate to have him.

Ed always says that the cheapest part of owning a horse, is buying him, and there's a huge amount of truth in that. The same goes for care... even when winter days are cold and blowy, there are still stalls, water, feed and care to attend to... some how I never mind, and when the weather is good, and the riding is a daily quest.... it makes it all worthwhile!!!