Monday, November 03, 2014

sled hockey!!!!

Last year, we attended our first "sled" hockey game upon the invitation of Craig. It was amazing and I loved watching it. Actually hockey has become my sport of choice. So, when Craig asked if we would like to come to another game, we were there. Northeast Passage is a group that promotes many different sports for the handicapped... but they were the ones supporting today's event. 
I think what I really like about hockey in general is how quick it is. I have to admit some sports seem to take so long... football being one. I really don't understand football to be honest, but I never can figure out why the "last few seconds" can take so long. It doesn't seem like that with hockey. And you really have to watch that puck as it sails across the ice!!!!

Some day I would love to try a "sled" and just see what it is really like. Because I know it takes a huge amount of skill to "run" the sled, watch that puck, move it and shoot... it must be amazing.....

Always on the watch for different experiences I brought Danny along. Last year, I had Debbie dog, and boy did she love the hockey.. she sat bolt up the whole time and watched that puck and the players. Danny seems to be quite interested as well.....besides the "game", it building is good too... steep steps, tight seats to work around, the noise, the people... it just is a great place to get some "work" in. 
We had good seats, sadly there weren't too many people there. I don't think sled hockey has really caught on as a true sport, but I certainly try to tell everyone about it. 
It would seem that Danny isn't as interested in the game as Debbie was. He watched for abit and then found a way to get comfortable between the seats. Oh well... not everyone is a hockey fan I guess......
But, we had a nice treat. This is Liz, she's Ed's cousin and attends the college where the game was being held. We told her that we were going to be there, so she popped over to say hello and check out the game. She said that she didn't know what sled hockey was either. Danny took right to her and was just as happy snuggling in her lap. It also turns out that today is Liz's birthday.. her 21st.... so she had some celebrating to do after leaving us. 

And Danny wanted to be sure she had some good birthday hugs!!!!