Saturday, September 05, 2009

labor day weekend.. day one

With the idea of a three day weekend, and "offers of help", Ed decided to get the sheet rock project started. So, last night we ran to buy the sheet rock and other things to begin. It was pretty late by the time we got to the store and got it loaded... yesterday was busy, first with Ken and Ed working all day on the siding, and then we had to wait for the farrier to come and do the horses, so we didn't even get on the road until well into the evening... my poor hubby, he was absolutely exhausted when we ate supper at Applebee's.... around 10:00 pm!!!! It was after midnight by the time we crawled into bed... but there was no late morning sleep around here this morning...

Because Kas and Nate arrived bright and early to begin the project.

One last picture of "see thru walls" in the upstairs!!! While Ed and Nate make a game plan.

First piece goes in place!!! Now, we do have sheet rock on the outer walls, because that was part of the "panels" that the house is made out of. What we are doing now is putting up the "inside" walls....

Kas and I made four trips to the dump while the guys were sheet rocking. There were piles of boxes left from the siding, lots of siding bits and pieces to be picked up, and just general "stuff" that needed to go away. After that, we came back to camp to make supper for a couple of hungry guys... and Ed was happy to say that the whole master bedroom, bath and closet were done today.

Tomorrow this "pile" may be "living" some place else!!!!

catching up

This is what our house looks like most evenings... and it's not just dog that collapse at the end of the day... we do as well!!! Our life here is so different in many ways (good ways) but one being is that we are outside most of the day, between just "being" on the farm, and house building and the like, we head out the door in the morning, and don't come back in until dark. It's great fun, but by the time the evening rolls around, we are all pretty tired. (and if you want to sit on the couch, you need to claim your spot early... btw.. the little red and white cocker is a visitor!!!)

Well, my garden wasn't much of a success this year. With the spring being so wet, we "lost" a number of plants, we did get a few peas, and some beans, a few tomatoes... but that's about it.. except for the sunflowers!! I did get a great "crop" of them, and they are truly beautiful. As you pull up the drive, there is a nice "sunny" row of them there to greet you. I will certainly put in a few more rows of them next year.

I am going to save a few and get the seeds from them for next year's crop, but the rest I have been cutting and sharing with friends.

Thursday evening, we were invited over to Kelli and Rick's for a cookout. It turns out that we knew some of the same friends, and they wanted to have us there all together. Kelli is a wonderful cook and she had all sorts of "goodies" for us, plus an amazing dinner. The evening went by way too fast and we had such a grand time.

There was peanut butter pie for dessert, and that.. along with a good cup of coffee was the end to a perfect day.