Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas eve surprise....

Christmas eve, we are so blessed to be able to spend it with family!!! Tonite we went to the Flagg's and had a grand meal with Deb, Dave, Lauren, Sean, Kassy, Nate, Bill and Ed and I. It was so much fun just being together, enjoying each other's company and the anticipation of Christmas.

After dinner, Dave wanted all of us to come out to his shop and see the "new toy he was working on"... so, nothing doing, we bundled up against the weather (raining) and headed out to his shop...

What was there put me right into tears and left me speechless for many minutes....

A BEAUTIFUL WAGON!!! Painted in "John Deere colors" with the words... Sweetgrass Farm and Ed's and mine names painted on the side!!!

A wagon that can be pulled by horse power or tractor power!!!!

Even as I try to write this blog... my mind is just spinning!!! I can't even begin to say thank you to Dave!!! (Nate, Sean, Bill and the rest of the family) for such a wonderful, thoughtful..... talented gift!!!!

I can't wait to hitch Duke and/or Tonka up and try it out!!! I can't wait for future hay rides!!!!

I only hope reading this blog and the next will make some sense, because I am still so excited, that I probably am not thinking straight...

but, I wanted to get this posted as soon as possible!!!!


You can't really appreicate our beauitful wagon until you see this post!!! THIS is what our wagon started out as!!!! An old wagon, that had been left to rot in the woods.... Dave was asked if he could haul it off... and from this "eye sore"... he created our wagon!!!!

Talk about a dimond in the rough!!! Now, I have seen things go from looking like this to items that are amazing... but the fact that Dave (and "crew") did it in such a short amount of Deb said when Dave dragged this home..."you'll have it done by THIS Christmas???" and hours of labor and love... he did!!!!

On Thanksgiving, Dave shows Kas his "game plan"

Sean and Nate put many hours into it as well... Sean did the welding, Nate did painting and woodworking!!!!

The tires came from brother Bill... off one of his antique trucks (that now has a new set of tires)... and the lettering was done by a friend of Bill's...who is "officially" retired but came out to do the work as a favor to Bill

And if you have noticed the date on the photos.... it was just finished up yesterday!!!!
I dare say, there will be many more stories about this wagon!!! and if Christmas isn't exciting enough... I probably won't sleep a wink tonite!!!!
thank you SO much Dave.... it's just way beyond words!!!!!!

Christmas carols......

I'm not sure if it's "We wish you a merry Christmas" or "Deck the Halls".... but it certainly ISN'T "Silent Night!!!"