Saturday, January 05, 2019

Oh well!!!!

Glad there's a bit of humor this morning, because the day is off to a very "bad" start!!! I'm just finishing up in the shower, and "blink" there's no water!!! I hop out, and am trying to figure just what is going on!!! I check the faucets, the toilets, and other water things, and yup... no water!!! somethings up. First call to Ed... he needs to get home, asap... I can't even begin to think how one manages without water!!!

Ed arrives, and sure enough, we have troubles... time to call Brian (the well man ) and see what we're up against. 
Of course, Brian is busy, but he gets threw his day and arrives mid afternoon on the farm. The conclusion, the pump for some reason or another has given out, and until we replace it... there will be no water. It's a Friday, late in the day, and I am so very very grateful that help is here.
Ed plowed the snow out of the way... I am happy that we're not in the middle of a blizzard and my hubby has to be out plowing, I'm happy the wind isn't blowing a gale, because it wipes across that front lawn, and I'm happy Brian had/or could get the parts we need... so I guess if we have to have this happen, it has happened at a good time (though is there ever a good time for these types of things)
Of course, it's not the most simple thing in the world. Our well is almost 500 feet, and it all has to be pulled up. It's a long day, and the guys work well after dark. The pump was fried, because a small rock got jammed in the wiring of it, and sliced the wire... so new pump, new wires.. lots of work, but we're good now. It's funny how you really don't appreciate things until they aren't... I turn on the water a "1000" times a day and never even think, but I'll be thinking now. And of course with all the animals, especially the big guys, water is vital ... and you can't be fooling around. It's kind of a big "hit" to begin the new year, but all in all, it's turned out "well""....

So, after all the happenings, I go to bring in the mail and find there is a package for me... I haven't ordered anything and this surprises me. I know the address is my friend Sonya and I can't imagine, until I open it and find this!!!

Sonya makes these pillow from photos of people's pets. She has made some really beautiful ones, and as a gift, she made one of Livy (in her bling collar no less) and had mailed it to me as a surprise. Oh my goodness, not only is it truly grand, but the timing just couldn't have been planned any better. I was so honored to get a pillow of hers, and of my Livy, but what a great way to be reminded of how blessed I am with my family and friends....I couldn't say thank you enough!!!

Ive been doing some knitting these past winter days... and found this really easy, very cute, very good way to use up left over yarn, hat pattern... I've gone a little crazy making them, but actually a few have sold, and I think if I can get a little stash done, maybe do a few fall craft fairs next year  (or rather this year).. but either way, they're kind of cute and I wanted a couple of photos for the blog...

and hoping I won't jinx myself.. but lets hope the rest of the winter... the year... won't be quite as "exciting" as today was.....