Sunday, February 25, 2007


I have always considered "my" dog training career a huge blessing. Sometimes, I hear friends say things like "I dread going to work tomorrow" or "my boss, what a pain in the neck he is" and I can honestly say, that I have never had those feelings towards my work. I can hardly wait when a new session of dog classes are beginning, and my boss (the ones with four legs and wiggly tails) have never been nothing short of wonderful (even if their behavior isn't at the start), But even beyond that, the friends that I have because of it, and the gifts they have brought into my life, are "business perks" that can't be matched anywhere!!!
A "project" that I am trying to master is knitting. Actually, its going OK (I might be a little too hard on myself) and I am currently in a class that is helping me make mittens and learn to knit with multiple needles. This mainly started because of Dale and Karen (dog students turned dear friends), and this beautiful basket and the needles shown here, are a gift from Dale. Both Dale and Karen have invited me to several "knitting sessions" with them, but as time would have it, I haven't yet made one. (but I will!!!) And I think that I wouldn't have really ever tried the knitting thing, if I hadn't met these two gals!!

Then over the weekend, Ed and I visited with "another dog student" of mine. A very dear, older lady with a St. Bernard that I have worked with on and off over a couple of years. Her husband passed away just 10 days after they got this puppy, and though she (the dog) has been a handful for this lady, there is no way she would part with "the last gift she got from her beloved husband". Anyways.... her husband was a horseman, and they had horses many years and she still haves much of her husband's horse stuff. We saw each other in the store last week and she invited me to come and go thru her husband's horse stuff, as she felt she was at a point where she could let it go. I felt very honored to be asked. I can't even begin to tell you all, about the wonderful items that we came home with.... beautiful leather halters and lead lines, coolers, whips, and barn items... a tack trunk, hooks for hanging bridles and halters, a measuring stick, brushes and even more. I offer to pay her for them (hope I wasn't insulting) and her words back were "No, Bob would be so pleased that they will be used and appreciated by someone who loves horses as much as he did" (almost sobbed at her kinds words)

But where I am going with all of this, is, I just feel so humble that I am doing what I love so much, making a difference (I hope) and having so very much added to my life. I thank God every night for such a gift.
And speaking of gifts, can anyone be cuter than my niece, Naomi!!! She and her Mommy dropped in this afternoon for a visit!! Talk about a joy!!!
If she looks a little "droopy" in these pics, she has a cold that she has been fighting for a few weeks, but she still can't be any cuter!!!
Dancer was quite interested in her, and since there isn't a kitty in her house, I think Naomi was surprised to see such a small "doggie" (she has two big labs, so I am sure this small creature was a surprise!!)

Camille is just crazy about Naomi, and has been from the start. Anytime she gets to see her, she is just beside herself. Almost to the point that she has to be watched, or she would just kiss Naomi's nose off!!! That baby simply can't make a move without Camille being right there to supervise!!! Good thing Naomi has come into Camille's life, because as much as I love her... it's not "something" that I would go and get one for her :-)

So better Sunday could not be had... a wonderful church service this am... a visit from a loved one... a walk with puppy dogs and even some work done in the new room (blog to follow) life is good and I am very grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!