Saturday, March 17, 2007

wearin' of the green?

St. Paddy's Day has turned out to be anything but "green". Hit by an good old fashion Nor'easter last night and today, has put those wonderful spring temperatures to rest... for a little while anyways!!!
But one good thing about a spring storm, they never hang around very long, and I suspect that we will soon be back to mud season. Even though I love the warmer temps, my poor floors take such a beating this time of year with muddy doggie prints coming in and out the doggie door. The good thing about snow, is that the wet puddles are easily cleaned up with a mop and leave the floor with a nice shine!!!
This is also Ed's Mother's birthday... she is 92, and I have to say, for her age, she does incredibly well. We will have a little party for her later today, and with Kas and Sadie around, it will make her day very special for sure.
Happy St. Paddy's day to one and all, even if the only green that you see is what people decide to wear today.