Friday, February 06, 2009

life goes on...

Well, aside from "everything else" that went on this past week, life and work continue on the farm. It's a nice distraction for me, and allows me some "normal" time when I am working around the barn, or watching the progress on the house.

Ed got our little woodstove hooked up, and has been making small, "breaking in" fires all week. It does a nice job, but because there are no doors or windows in yet, it can't possibly heat the house!! Still, the guys enjoy their morning coffee break standing around the stove. And if you are close enough to it, it will warm you up. Next winter, it will have no problem heating the living area and keeping us toasty warm on cold winter nights.

The steel support beam for Ed's garage arrived yesterday. It's a huge thing, but because of it, there will only be one post in the garage. This will create tons of "open space" for Ed, and he will easily get his antique trucks inside. It will be so nice, not having to brush snow off my truck next year!!! and I can't wait to get our "beetle" out of the horse barn!!!

The crane operator made this look easy. Doesn't seem like this beam weighs 2600 lbs... he moved it around like nothing at all.

Today the guys started getting the floor joices in place for the second floor of the garage. This is going to be Ed's wood working shop. There should be plenty of room for all his projects in this building!!!
That is one thing he has really missed this year, working in his shop. He is quite talented and has made some beautiful pieces (like my sewing cabinet)... He always makes some "goodies" at Christmas, but this year he wasn't able to.
He'll certainly appreciate being able to go out to his shop next year!!!

So, things are progressing nicely. It's been really cold this week, and I am impressed with the way the guys just keeping working along. Supposely next week, we are in for milder temps... I hope so, this cold is really starting to wear on me, and I am ready for some nice spring weather.