Wednesday, June 06, 2007

quilt drying day

I think that living in Maine, (New England) we have the very best!!!! What I mean- in this case- is the weather!!! We seem to get a little of everything from the cold and snow to the warm and grand. After a couple of hot and humid days, the thunderstorms rolled thru last night (much to Camille's dismay, she hates them!!!) and this morning brought the most wonderful weather!!! Warm(ish), dry, bright sun!! perfect for washing the couch quilts and drying them on the rail. Those poor quilts take such a beating, I find them on the floor, spaniels and cats lay all over them, people use them... and then I chuck in them in the wash!!! But there is nothing like drying them outside.... it's the best. Besides, makes a pretty good picture!!!!

The dogs and I had a grand walk today, and I am finding the benefits of all this walking is far reaching. When Hunter was in the ER the other night, the vet was extremely pleased at "how fit he is". And my regular vet even made the same sort of comments when we went for their spring visit. In fact, he shared with me that the number of fat dogs he sees, seems to be on the rise!!!! I guess that's not surprising since I am forever hearing on the news how Americans are not taking care of themselves, would only stand to reason that it would trickle down onto our pets!!!! Anyways, I am also finding that I am my best "walking advertisement"... for again today, I was stopped and asked "where did you get your dogs trained, because I am looking for a trainer" I really should carry some business cards with me, because I am asked this at least a few times a week. Good for business, and my summer run of classes is almost full.

I had been thinking that a "cat tree" out on the new sunroom would be fun for the kitties. They love it out there, with all those big windows, they have a grand time. I feel a little bad that I have decided to make them "indoor cats", but having lost two cats and never knowing what became of them, is just something I can't go thru again. So, these guys are stuck inside for my selfish reasons. Today, I "caught" Dancer and Nora having a grand time on the ladder that we left out there, and it got me thinking... I could buy one of those expensive cat trees, but maybe it would be just as good to find an old ladder, paint it up or whatever, and have that for them to climb around on!!! It would work out just as well, and might look different in my "decor".......... I have so many ideas of what would look good out there, that I probably will end up filling it with all sorts of things. It's were the baby turtles are at the moment (got to think up a couple of names for them!!!) ... I need to be careful not to fill this room up before its complete!!!

Well, time to get out to the barn and check on the big guys, Tonka and I had our lesson yesterday... he was NOT at his best. I think I might have forgotten to bring his brain with us, because he acted as though he had never done any dressage work in his life.... it's just like the dogs, and I suppose everyone is entitled to an off day..... glad his was on a "lesson day"... Laura had quite a conversation with him......... tomorrow I am meeting with another horse friend, Louise, who is going to help me with the harness..... I am sure there will be a story or two in that.