Friday, May 01, 2009

May Day

Happy May Day everyone!!! the first "real" spring month!!! You can never truly count on April as being a spring month, we often have snow during April... but I don't even recall it happening in May (though it probably has somewhere in time).

I was thinking this morning, that I hope we'll be in this house within the next five months. We have a lot of work still to do, but looking forward to doing it..

this is "where we were" five months ago, so I think it's a good possibility we'll make our goal!!!!

Yesterday, Ed spent hours working in his garage, he needed to get the "floor" all evened out, as we are hoping to have the cement poured within the next couple of weeks. Just because of all the construction, the "floor" had holes and lumps and bumps. He raked it all by hand and then used a compactor to get it all smooched into place. It looks nice... it looks big!!!!

I think we may have a "new family" at the barn!! Last summer I put up two bluebird houses, I didn't expect to get any birds, because we were still doing a lot of work on the barn, and I figured all the noise and such would keep them away. But I had hoped that "someone" might give them a look over this spring....

and... I believe I have a bluebird pair!!!!

It's pretty exciting, because bluebirds are rare, I keep looking for them, and tried to snap these pictures, but they're quick and hard to catch. They have a "different sound" and when I am working around the barn, I know when they are there, because of their song. I try to "hide in a stall" or behind one of the horses to see them. I don't know if they have actually moved in or just I'll keep you up to date on that one.

And something's up with the guinea hens. Yesterday this one spent most of the day alone... calling and calling for the other one (we're down to just two now). I was pretty sure that "something" had happened, but at supper time, the pair showed up. Today, this one is alone again.... I am wondering if we might have a "pair" and the other is off nest building somewhere. Either way "he" gets pretty upset to be all alone, and today, even took to "standing on a pile of dirt" in order to call louder. I wouldn't mind having some "keets" since we are down to the two, but I don't even know if we have a cockerel and a hen... hard telling who is who with these birds. Guess time will time on this one as well.

All sorts of "spring happenings" around the farm!!!!