Wednesday, May 11, 2011

spring babies

Ah... spring. I am so enjoying the "green" and the color... the days have been warm and delightful. The black flies have been a little less than delightful, but thankfully they don't stick around too long....

We have a great local yarn shop, and my friend Belinda and I popped in to see what goodies Sarah had on hand. Aside from her usual great yarns, she took us to the barn and showed off this year's spring babies. She is very pleased with her lambs this year, and not only got "what" she wanted (lots of ewes).. but got some beautiful colors are well.

She also told us that this coming weekend is the NH Wool Festival... I am hoping I might get some time to go and see it. I went a number of years ago with my friend Linda, and I would like to go back and see it again.

Happy spring!!!!


What's going on with Camille. Well, the good news is, she is improving. She is so much better than she was a week ago, but we (she) still has a way to go. She still stumbles when she walks, and I worry every moment she does. She is mostly crated, though I do take her for very short walks around the farm, and she has gone to dog class a couple of times, sitting in a crate and watching the others.

Along with the "traditional" medicine, we are also seeing "Dr. Deb" who is doing acupuncture treatments on her. I know this is really helping with the aid of her healing.

I did acupuncture with Moxie and I saw what a difference it made with her. So, I know this will be good for Camille.

It might look a little scary, but it doesn't hurt. And I know that for a fact, because I have been seeing a doctor and having some acupuncture done on me. Funny that both my little dog and I are doing this at the same time.

'My"acupuncture is being done for arthritis that I have quite badly in my right hand. Some days, I ache so bad that I hardly have any "use" of that hand. Sadly, I haven't found much help with traditional medicines, so I am seeing what alternatives there are out. Our bodies are so detailed, we have no idea of how wonderful they work.. so, I think that sometimes there just isn't one answer for every problem.

I'm going to give it a go, as is Camille, and we'll keep you posted on our progress.....

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day... even though this is a photo of Grampy and Abbie!!!

We had such a good time last year, going to brunch with the kids, that I had said to Kas I would like to do the same thing this year. So, she made reservations, and both families had a nice time together.

Of course, they had so many yummy things to eat, and it's so nice , because you don't feel "rushed" and can really enjoy the time.

It was another beautiful spring day (we have had quite a few of them) and afterwards, Kas and Abbie went to check out the flowers.

They even found a very special flower for Sadie. Abbie couldn't wait to run it over to give to her Mama....

What could be better than a "dandy lion" from your baby.....

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.

a graduation

Now, as pretty as this picture might look.. does anyone notice that something is wrong here?? Like, there is no "fence" in the back "tie or halter" on this horse... the fact that this horse is completely loose????

Oh.. Duke. We had a nice spring day, and I thought it would be good to get the guys out on grass again. I walked Silver out as nice as you could please, went to get Duke... what a bad boy!!! The moment I opened the stall door, he was on his way out. He knows way better not to do that sort of thing, but I guess that grass was calling his name. It took me quite a while to get a hold of him.. and as "punishment" I decided that there would be no grass for him. So, while Silver and Tonka munched away, dear Duke was stuck in the barn.

Well.. he who laughs last.. laughs best, or so they say. I ran some errands, came back home and guess what... Duke was out in the middle of the lawn enjoying himself greatly. Turns out, this ol boy has figured that if you jiggle the latch just right on a stall door, you can get it open. So, for the second time, he was herded back to the barn, and this time, I made sure all locks were --- locked!!! Who says horses aren't smart.......

course, before he tried that green grass the second time, he taste tested the bale of hay... and left a nice "mess" for me to clean up as well....

She did it...... Last Friday, our Sadie graduated from the career school and now (once the licence arrives in the mail ) she is a certified message therapist. It was an 18 month program, and Sadie qualified for all kinds of "grants".. being a single Mom and all. I am so proud that she put this opportunity to good use.

This is a very special photo. This is Rachel... a daughter of a high school friend of ours. Glenn lives in Tennessee and where Rachel grew up, but all our kids knew each other in their growing up years. Rachel recently moved to Maine, and our paths keep crossing.. like Rachel being at this graduation. I'll have to be sure to send a copy of this photo to Glen... he'll get a kick out of it.

Abbie helping Mom get her cap back on.....

The next evening, we had a little get together for Sadie. A nice cookout with family and friends... Abbie had a good time, enjoying "Mama's" cake

and we got an up dated photo of four generations.

Abbie had fun showing off in front of everyone. She pulled out her toys, one of her favorites being her horses...

"Mama- I think my horse is a little too small to ride!!!"

Congratulations Sadie.... (now to find that job!!!)

playing with Ginger...

I didn't have the chance to talk about it, but last month, we made our monthly trek to NEADS to check in with Dave. Aside from the fact that the snow is gone, and they were about two weeks ahead of us in the "growing" department, I noticed that the new logo is up on the building. Both Ginger and Leo continue to be "on track" with regards to their training with us, and as usual, we had a grand time.

Look at these two in the back seat of the truck. How lucky are they to be able to see so much of each other. Kathleen and I agree, raising littermates has been so much fun. We keep hoping that we might meet Clover one of these trips, who is the "other sister"... I always try to ask how she is doing, and we might get to meet her one day soon.

If Ginger were to have a "fault" it would probably be loud noises. She's not really afraid, but it would be nice to have her a bit more confident. A few weeks ago, I had a great opportunity to work her around some loud noises... firetrucks to be exact.

Our local school was having a dedication. The principal of the school passed away last year after a battle with cancer. I did not know him personally, but I understand he was dearly loved by the staff and students. He was also a firefighter, and so.. in his honor.. the school put this little "firetruck" up on the playground. They decided to have an assembly to remember their beloved principal and dedicate this to him, so our fire company took a couple of trucks over for the big event.

These are just the things that I look for to "work" Ginger at. While the assembly was going on, she laid quietly at my feet, even with the clapping of the kids... and the blaring of the sirens from the firetrucks.. she was such a good girl.

After the ceremony, the kids were let loose to play for awhile. A whole "mob" of kids came running over to Ginger and I wanting to give her hugs and kisses.. somewhere in this pile of little girls, there is a golden retriever who is loving it all....

You know... we only have four more check-in's at NEADs... and we'll be looking at "turn in time"... it's going by way too fast!!!!