Sunday, January 27, 2008

snow dogs....

"Moxie and Hunter"

What better way to spend a snowy Sunday afternoon, than playing with your dogs at the farm!!!!!

it was a party

"Someone" said they thought that Ed was going to be the "peak" man when it came to the roof.... I DON'T think so!!! That honor went to Dan... who can climb that roof (and any height that we have had in this project)... almost as good as a "monkey".... I'll tell you, I can hardly look long enough to take pictures as I watch him calmly climb around or go from one spot to another!!!! You certainly wouldn't catch me atop this barn... and I feel pretty lucky that we found Dan to help out with this!!!!! We also have had Mike, and of course Ken and Steve working on the barn, they're pretty comfortable with heights, but no one seems to be able to out do Dan!!!!

This little corner of the barn is currently known as "Bill's kitchen"... when he can, he has been coming up and making amazing lunches for the crew. Yesterday, both Bill and Faye showed up with lunch, (actually Faye did all the cooking) and brought with her a pot of beans (which everyone likes, but me!!!) some wonderful cole slaw, and fried chicken.... was it ever good!!!!

Here everyone takes a break and enjoys some rest and excellent food. This is what makes putting on roofs a bit easier!!!! By the end of the day, the roof was completely on, the driveway side of the hayloft is all closed in, leaving only the field end still open to the weather, But that will soon be cured. Once the ridge cap is in place and the copula is on.... a few doors and windows, and the main part of the barn will be closed against the weather. We still have the lean to roofs to do which are over the stall doors on one side and the tack room door on the other.... then interior work, and time for horses. All in all this project has gone fast during the winter months in Maine..... hope the house will go this well....